About Us

Red Crowns Senior Living is one of Singapore’s most innovative and trusted providers of the assisted living care model. Pioneering this model of eldercare in Singapore since April 2021, we have served over 250 elderly guests in over 30 homes.

As a social enterprise, we take pride in providing personalised professional care in communities that aim to improve the lives of our elderly guests and their families.

Our Vision

To become Singapore’s preferred care provider in the communities we serve and provide extraordinary service to improve the lives of those entrusted in our care. We aim to provide professional and compassionate hospitality services that respects and protects the dignity of our guests.

Our Mission

To cultivate an environment of compassion that inspires hope and promotes physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of all those entrusted in our care.

Our Core Values


We provide sincere, honest and professional service to look after the best interest of our residents and their families


We believe respect is the basis of integrity. We believe in the value of each individual and strive to respect and protect the dignity of residents and employees alike.


We seek to create a compassionate environment that offers warmth, kindness and hope to every resident and employee.


We commit ourselves to providing only excellent care and service through the ongoing education and training of our dedicated employees to ensure the wellbeing of each resident entrusted in our care.

Service To Others

We serve with grace, humility and gratitude to those in need.

Roles of Red Crowns for the Elderly

- We at Red Crowns are here to provide administrative services that look out for our resident’s best interests.

- We match our residents with the most suitable accommodation and housemates for co-living. We are not in direct ownership of homes, but rather we help you find the home that works best for you.

- We assist our residents in paying for their rent, utilities and other accommodation bills in a timely manner.

- We mitigate differences that may arise among residents to ensure a peaceful home.

Roles of Red Crowns for the Caregivers

- We at Red Crowns are here to provide administrative services to foster a harmonious environment for both residents and caregivers.

- We help in the selection of caregivers through licensed employment agencies. We are not in direct employment of caregivers but rather, we help match you with the care provider that can see to all your care needs.

- We maintain the relationship between our residents and their caregiver and mitigate any differences that may arise to ensure a harmonious working relationship.

- We assist in ensuring payments for expenses of enlisting a caregiver are done in a timely manner.

- We hold our caregivers to provide a professional standard of service for our residents.

A Lack Of Aged Care Options

Interestingly, Singapore is beginning to build more nursing homes at a time when many other countries are moving away from what is referred to as the “medicalised” model for residential aged care: with uniform-clad residents and dismal, dreary dormitory-style beds that have the clinical, colourless look and feel of hospitals. Many feel that committing medically stable seniors into nursing homes is to rob their lives of meaning and purpose, especially since nursing home residents can stay for years, even decades. Significantly, rather than building more nursing homes, Europe, Australia and the US have moved into developing assisted living or continuing-care communities, where seniors can receive care, but retain some semblance of independence in home-like environments.
In the US, nursing home residents have fallen in number from 2 million in the early 1990s to around 1.4 million in 2013. In 2014, there were only 15,000 nursing homes compared to more than 30,000 assisted living or senior living communities. These are typically meant for folk who have little or no medical needs, but require help with physical needs such as feeding, showering or going to the restroom. In Singapore too, the time has come to press the pause button on building medicalised, largely cookie-cutter mega-nursing homes with multiple-bed dormitories and focus on bringing more choice and diversity into residential aged care.

Singapore should draw up better targets on providing a greater range of comfortable eldercare options. Finland, for instance, aims to have only 3 per cent of people aged 75 and above in nursing or old folks’ homes, with another 5 to 6 per cent in assisted living facilities with 24-hour care. By contrast, Singapore has enough nursing home beds for nearly 7 per cent of its 75-plus population, but hardly any assisted living facilities.

Elderly Living Alone

In Singapore, due to shrinking families, rising rates of singlehood and a desire for independence, increasing numbers of older folk live on their own. The number of Singapore citizens aged 65 and above who live alone is expected to grow from 41,000 in 2015 to 58,000 in 2020 and 92,000 by 2030. When there are no willing or able caregivers, it might be too resource-intensive to send paid caregivers to the homes of disabled seniors if all they need is personal care.

Many elderly are terrified of dying alone. According to Straits Times article in April 2016, in which a retired 85-year-old cleaner was able to get someone to wire up his one-room rental flat with CCTV

cameras because he was terrified of dying alone. Two of his neighbours died alone and people found out only by the smell.

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