Building Bonds: Befriending Services in Singapore for Seniors

As our loved ones grow older, their need for companionship and support often increases. In Singapore, befriending services are playing a pivotal role in enhancing the lives of seniors by offering meaningful companionship and support. Let's explore how these services work and their numerous benefits.

What Does a Befriender Do?

A befriender is a trained volunteer who provides regular companionship and support to elderly family members, particularly those who are vulnerable or at risk of social isolation. Befrienders offer a listening ear and provide psycho-emotional support to enrich the lives of seniors. They are dedicated individuals who visit seniors on a regular basis, fostering meaningful relationships and promoting their psychological wellbeing.

Understanding How Befriending Works

Befriending services operate through various organisations, such as the Lions Befrienders Service Association, which connect seniors with trained volunteers. These volunteers commit to weekly home visits, providing consistent and reliable companionship. The process usually begins with an assessment to identify the needs of the senior, followed by matching them with a befriender who can best provide the necessary assistance and emotional support. Key components of the service include:
  • Regular Home Visits: Befrienders visit seniors on a regular basis, often weekly, to ensure ongoing support and companionship.
  • Integrated Care: In collaboration with care services and the Agency for Integrated Care, befriending services offer a holistic approach to meet the health and emotional needs of seniors.
  • Active Ageing Centres: Locations like Bukit Merah View and Clementi Avenue provide venues where seniors can engage in activities and form social connections.

Reasons to Apply for Befriending Services

Applying for befriending services can significantly enhance the quality of life for elderly family members. Here are some compelling reasons to consider:
  • Promote Emotional Wellbeing: Through meaningful interactions, seniors receive psycho emotional support, contributing to their overall mental health.
  • Build a Support Network: Befriending services help in establishing a robust support network, integrating family members and community resources.
  • Enhance Safety: With emergency alarms connected, frail seniors can feel safer knowing help is readily available.

The Advantages of Befriending Services

Discover how befriending services enhance seniors' lives by providing emotional support and social connection. For further insights, read about how the Ministry of Health Singapore's Action Plan for Successful Ageing enhances senior wellbeing. 1. Enriching Lives Befriending services enrich the lives of seniors by providing regular companionship and meaningful relationships. This interaction helps alleviate feelings of loneliness and provides a sense of purpose and joy. 2. Comprehensive Support The integration with other care services ensures that seniors receive comprehensive support. This includes physical health monitoring, emotional support, and necessary assistance with daily activities, creating a well-rounded approach to elder care. 3. Community Engagement By participating in activities at active ageing centres and senior group homes, seniors remain engaged with their communities. These interactions foster neighbourhood links and create a sense of belonging and community support.

Top Befriending Services in Singapore

Agency for Integrated Care (AIC)

The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) aims to create a vibrant care community where seniors can age gracefully. They provide social and emotional support through a network of trained volunteers who regularly visit seniors, helping them stay connected and engaged.

Bethesda Care Centre

Bethesda Care Centre offers befriending services that focus on providing a helping hand to seniors, particularly those with limited family support. Their volunteers visit seniors regularly, ensuring they remain socially connected and emotionally supported.

Bethel Presbyterian Church

Bethel Presbyterian Church’s ASH Befrienders program aims to provide social and emotional support to seniors. Their volunteers offer companionship through regular visits, fostering meaningful relationships with elderly residents.

Blossom Seeds

Blossom Seeds offers befriending services that include home visits and phone calls to ensure seniors feel cared for and less isolated. They focus on engaging seniors in activities that promote active ageing.

Brahm Centre

Brahm Centre provides a holistic approach to elder care, including befriending services that offer emotional support and companionship. They organize activities and regular visits to help seniors stay active and engaged.

Calvary Community Care

Calvary Community Care’s befriending program focuses on providing emotional and social support to seniors. Their dedicated volunteers visit seniors regularly, helping them combat loneliness and social isolation.

ElderAid by Singapore Red Cross

ElderAid by Singapore Red Cross offers befriending services to vulnerable seniors, providing regular visits and emotional support. They aim to enhance the quality of life for seniors through meaningful relationships.

Filos Community Services

Filos Community Services provides befriending services that aim to support seniors emotionally and socially. Their volunteers engage with seniors through regular visits, helping them stay connected with the community.

Health Hub

Health Hub offers a variety of programs, including befriending services, to support seniors. Their volunteers provide social and emotional support through regular visits, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Lions Befrienders

Lions Befrienders provides comprehensive befriending services to seniors, including home visits and activities at active ageing centres. Their volunteers offer companionship and support, helping seniors maintain their psychological well-being.

Montfort Care

Montfort Care’s befriending services focus on enhancing the social and emotional well-being of seniors. Their volunteers provide regular visits and engage seniors in various activities to keep them active and connected.

NTUC Health

NTUC Health offers a range of community support services, including befriending programs. Their volunteers visit seniors regularly, providing companionship and helping them stay socially engaged.

REACH Community Services

REACH Community Services provides befriending services aimed at reducing social isolation among seniors. Their dedicated volunteers offer regular visits and emotional support, fostering meaningful connections.


SINDA’s elderly befriending program focuses on providing social and emotional support to seniors through regular visits and activities. Their volunteers help seniors stay engaged and connected with their community.

St. Luke's Eldercare

St. Luke's Eldercare offers befriending services as part of their comprehensive eldercare programs. Their volunteers visit seniors regularly, providing emotional support and companionship to enhance their quality of life.


Befriending services in Singapore play a crucial role in supporting the elderly, especially those who need dementia care in Singapore. These services provide social and emotional support, offering a helping hand to residents with limited family support. Through regular visits to a home for the aged in Singapore, engaging activities at an active ageing centre, and support in a senior group home, befrienders help seniors enjoy their golden years. By addressing the needs of those with disabilities and fostering meaningful connections, these programs ensure that our seniors live enriched and dignified lives, surrounded by a caring community.

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