Assisted Living vs. Part-Time In-Home Elderly Care Singapore: Their Costs And Differences

It's not always easy when our loved ones are aging. This is when certain physical and mental conditions appear, making them vulnerable or unable to look after themselves. When this happens, family members are usually the ones that take care of them. However, with some of us having jobs and other commitments, being caregivers to our loved ones can become challenging. This is when we turn to home care services.

Home care and nursing care services are made available for our elderly loved ones to be given the proper care that they need. It can either be short-term or long-term care, depending on their situation. Some elderly only require minimal assistance and still desire to be independent, while others are in dire need of 24-hour personal care.

In Singapore, there are plenty of care services made available. It's up to you which particular home care services you or your loved ones require. Read on to know more.

What kind of services does the elderly need?

The type of services that seniors require depends on their condition. Here are some that they may require support with:

  • Daily living activities such as eating, dressing, bathing, etc.
  • Medical care
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Transportation services
  • Nursing procedures

Understanding In-Home Care For Seniors

In-home care is the type of elderly care wherein professional caregivers provide them services such as helping them with their daily needs and essentials. They prepare meals, help them get dressed, assist them in bathing, and other things the elderly could no longer accomplish by themselves. They also help manage the patients' medications and look after their health as well (especially if the patient is sick). It is about giving non-clinical care which can also be done by the patients' families. However, in the absence of a family member, professional in-home caregivers can fulfill the said duties for your loved ones. This will reassure family members that their elderly loved ones are in good hands even when they're not there to take care of them.

Understanding Assisted Living

Nursing homes and assisted living are sometimes interchanged with each other but they do have some significant differences. Both offer 24-hour medical care, continuous supervision, meals, and assistance. However, in nursing homes, most of its residents feature the elderly who can no longer take care of themselves fully and require full nursing care.

On the other hand, assisted living has been gaining prominence over the years as an ideal home for the elderly. However, unlike nursing homes, this type of home care is built for those who desire to live independently but still require caregiving services when it comes to their daily living activities. It's a nice community where all of their essentials such as meals, hygiene, and medication are being taken care of while they engage in fun and therapeutic activities and connect with their peers. Family members no longer worry and they can finally have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are in trusted and professional hands.

The difference between in-home care and assisted living

Both services offer the same things such as personal care and helping clients with their meals, hygiene, and health essentials. However, the difference is that in-home care is being done within the comfort of the patient's home while assisted living provides a built community where the elderly can stay and become residents. Also, there is more exposure to a community composed of other people who are in the same situation as them.

How much is the cost of home care services in Singapore?

The costs of personal care and home nursing may depend on the needs of the resident. It may also vary depending on the facilities that you desire for your loved ones. In this article, we broke down the difference in costs between assisted living services and private elderly home care services.

Part-time in-home care Singapore cost estimation

In-home care and support for the elderly may either be part-time or full-time, depending on their condition. The cost will depend on the amount and longevity of care that your aging loved one needs. It can be less if it's part-time, but it will cost more for those who need a permanent caregiver. Here, you will be investing in the people that will be taking care of your loved ones not so much on the facilities of the service provider (since it happens at home). If you choose a quality service provider who will provide you with skilled and professional caregivers, then guaranteed you will be receiving more than what you paid for. The costs of in-home nursing care range from $24 up to $125 per hour.

Assisted living Singapore cost estimation

In every Singapore assisted living facility, residential areas are provided where every senior can live comfortably. There generally three choices that senior living homes offer: HDB, Condominium, and Landed Property. The rates can range starting from $2000 to $3800 depending on the type of housing facilities, and support services you avail of. The higher level of care requires additional expenses. However, the better package you get, the better the caregiving experience there is for your loved ones. They'll gain full access to quality meals, health care, and activities like exercises that are essential to them.

In-home care vs. assisted living—which one is better?

There is really no telling which one is better because both services aim for the same goal—they are only executed a bit differently. If your loved ones are keener on spending the retirement years up and moving and being independent, you can move them into assisted living. There, they can do whatever they desire and even meet new friends whilst professional staff handle their needs and daily living essentials.

On the other hand, if your loved ones are facing certain medical conditions and are either unable to get out of bed or they simply do not want to leave home, you can opt for in-home nursing care. A caregiving nurse with a good training background will take care of them and monitor them especially if their families are unable to. To conclude, the important thing is to know what your loved ones need and want and to give them the best care that they deserve.

If you are looking for a quality assisted living home for your loved one, you can count on Red Crowns. Their assisted living service provides a positive community that can help your loved one live in comfort while engaging in activities, exercises, and be guided by therapists. For more details, you can check their website or call their hotline.

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