Why Is Dementia Day Care Essential for the Elderly?

There is a reason why some people dislike the idea of aging. Other than the changes in physical appearance, there’s also the matter of being prone to health issues. As our body deteriorates, so does our mind. There is no way around it–it’s just how life works. 

Even though we can’t always avoid developing medical conditions or impairments, there are ways to counter or reduce their progression. Thanks to the existence of technology and continuous research, various methods have been made to improve the quality of life of seniors. This includes seniors who are living with dementia. 

In this blog post, we will discuss dementia and why elderly daycare is beneficial for those who are struggling with it. 

What is dementia?

Dementia is an umbrella term for diseases that affect one’s memory, thinking, and behavioral skills severely. Conditions like this often stem from brain diseases or injuries. This is more common among aging adults. 

There are many types of dementia. Here they are as follows:

  • Alzheimer’s disease: The most common type of dementia, it’s a progressive neurological disorder that is caused by an abnormal build-up of protein in or around the brain cells. Symptoms start with mild memory loss which may develop worse conditions such as difficulty in carrying on a conversation or responding to the environment. 
  • Vascular dementia: This is a type of brain damage caused by the impaired blood circulation to the head that affects a person’s reasoning, judgment, planning, memory, and other thought-processing skills. 
  • Frontotemporal dementia: This disease is when the front and side parts of the brain are affected. It is the rare classification of dementia that negatively affects speech and behavior. 
  • Dementia with Lewy Bodies: This is another common type of dementia but rare for people who are under the age of 65. It refers to mental problems that are caused by gradual changes and damages in the brain. Its progression is slow but can get worse over the years. 
  • Mixed dementia: It refers to the kind of dementia wherein changes representing more than 1 type of memory impairment simultaneously take place in the brain. It is a condition of having more than 1 type of dementia. 

You can know more about the levels of dementia by clicking here. Some types of dementia can be cured but others are irreversible. However, treatments and practices are being followed to treat it or at least slow down its progression (if incurable). Dementia can significantly impact day-to-day living, preventing an individual from experiencing a good quality of life. This very idea points to the purpose of dementia daycare. 

What is dementia daycare? 

An elderly daycare refers to a stimulating environment where seniors can freely engage in planned activities with their peers and receive nurturing care. It is a place where their needs will be tended to whilst their personal caregivers or family members are away. With that said, dementia daycare is the same but instead focused on the elderly living with memory impairments. 

Since dementia is a delicate condition that compromises the quality of life, those who have it must receive the right type of care and support. Here, they have access to social activities, therapy, and other benefits that will help treat or slow down the progression of their conditions. Furthermore, there is a skilled caregiving staff as well as in-house health professionals that can address their personal and medical needs. 

According to this study, dementia daycare is based on two models: one is social care and the other is medical care. In social care, seniors can interact and build relationships with other care recipients. This provides them a feeling of self-belongingness and support as they try to improve their conditions. It also includes educational and creative activities where they can make use of their knowledge and cognitive abilities to perform well. 

On the other hand, medical care involves medical, nursing, personal care, as well as therapy. This is focused on improving the health and overall well-being of seniors living with dementia. As their physical and mental health is being cared for, they can experience a better quality of life. 

There are many types of dementia daycare in Singapore that offer life-changing services for seniors with dementia. 

What are dementia daycare services?

Daycare is more than just a place where you can leave your loved ones as you go to work or on a vacation. It is a positive environment that will carefully nourish the elderly and help them improve their conditions. It features extensive services and programs directed toward enhancing their well-being. 

Here are the services that your aging loved ones can get from dementia daycare: 

Nutrition and meals

Health is greatly affected by what we eat. With that said, a dementia daycare provides meals that are guaranteed to provide seniors with the nutrition and strength that they need for the day. 

Comprehensive Health Screenings

Other than memory impairment, seniors may also have other medical conditions that need to be addressed. Daycare services include conducting comprehensive health screenings to monitor and evaluate the health status of the care recipients. This is to avoid any unwanted incident from taking place or to easily notify health professionals if there is any medical-related emergency. 

Mentally-stimulating activities and events

Dementia is a progressive disease that can worsen if left unmanaged. In dementia daycare, various activities and events are being held to help seniors exercise and improve their cognitive abilities. To stop or reduce the progression of their conditions, they can engage in the following:

  • exercise therapy
  • cognitive occupational therapy 
  • Art therapy
  • Reminiscence therapy
  • Music therapy

Socialization and Peer Support

Suffering from a condition might be a little less burdensome by being with people who are experiencing the same thing. In dementia daycare, your elderly loved ones can interact and build friendships with other seniors. This way, they won’t be discouraged or afraid that they are facing their battles alone. 

Effects of dementia daycare

Leaving your aging parents under the care of strangers might not be easy—especially if they have memory problems. However, there are many good reasons why seniors with dementia should experience a daycare. It is a facility where they can thrive and receive the best care they deserve. 

Various accounts are proving the positive effects of dementia daycare on seniors. In fact, the physical and cognitive abilities of seniors who underwent dementia daycare services were either properly managed or even faced improvement. This not only benefited the seniors themselves but also their loved ones, for their stress and worries were significantly reduced due to it. 

Various studies have revealed that dementia daycare plays an important role in improving the behavior, cognitive abilities, physical functioning, and overall well-being of a care recipient. For instance, this study showcased a remarkable result proving that there are improvements in the physical and cognitive functions of a senior with dementia after taking a 6-month program. 

Dementia daycare leaves a significant impact on a patient’s emotional and psychosocial stability. They can express emotions and thoughts better and even have a smoother way of interacting with other people. As for their physical abilities, there is a marginal improvement in mobility as well as in acts of self-care. This is a commendable development because having dementia can make all those things difficult tasks to do. All these were proven thanks to the improved ADL, MMSE, and EQ-5D scores—standardized measurements of health-related quality of life. Seniors with dementia who have been under the services of dementia daycare have shown better score results. 


It was also discovered that dementia patients who engage in multiple programs can expect better and faster results compared to those who only participate in a single activity. This means that the more projects and activities they join in, the better their physical and mental health becomes. The different types of therapy touch several aspects of their cognitive and physical abilities. Because dementia is stressful and endangering for both the seniors and their loved ones, they must get the right services that they need. 

Dementia is a very challenging condition that may or may not be treated completely. It can prevent seniors from living the kind of life they deserve after retirement. This is why it’s important to know and understand how dementia daycare can make a difference in small and big ways. Providing them with nurturing care, support, and a positive environment can help them experience a much more comfortable and happier life. 

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If you think that daycare services are quite costly, you can seek the services of the cheapest nursing home in Singapore. This way, you can have access to elderly care services that have much more affordable rates. Also, you can seek financial assistance or apply for government subsidies to reduce the costs.

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