Connecting Caregivers: The Top 10 Dementia Support Groups in Singapore for 2023

Nothing about being a caregiver, especially when working with patients who have dementia, is ever simple. All the same, the majority of caregivers deal with numerous challenges that they frequently find themselves unable to overcome. The good news is that others are going through and feeling the same things as you are in circumstances comparable to yours. To meet these individuals and relate to their experiences, other dementia support groups provide a secure and welcoming environment.

Singapore's Top 10 Dementia Caregiver Support Groups

Generally, caregivers have a forum to discuss their issues, relate to others, and offer assistance through community support groups. These  Caregiver Support Groups offer a confidential and secure setting where caregivers can discuss their concerns, difficulties, and lessons learned with others who are going through similar situations. With the use of similar ideas, caregivers can impart their expertise to others through useful advice on self-care and providing for others.

In addition, there are caregiver support groups in institutions, community hospitals, and perhaps even the internet. Meanwhile, the support services one can check out are listed in the comprehensive rundown below:

1. Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital's (KTPH) dementia support groups offer a great deal of consoling and useful guidance to your senior loved one who is suffering from dementia and to those who are caring for them. These programs provide chances for the contact between dementia care teams with expertise and teams of caregivers and those receiving care.

The KTPH gives out free and public dementia support group meetings where issues like dementia prevention, coping strategies, the effect of food, and relevant occupational therapy exercises for dementia patients may be covered.

2. National Neuroscience Institute

The National Neuroscience Institute CARe team established the dementia support group, which is designed for caregivers of elderly patients with young-onset dementia. The support network also attempts to provide awareness of dementia to care providers. Caregivers will be capable of supporting those with the condition more effectively as a result. Attendees will have the chance to converse with other care partners during these meetings and exchange views and advice.

3. Dementia Singapore

Caregiver support groups offered by Dementia Singapore offer a chance for respite while getting to know other caregivers in a comparable position to exchange caring experiences and helpful advice, discover dementia and find resources in a comfortable and secure setting. Two hours of talks by keynote speakers and time for caregiver sharing make up each program, which is held in English, Chinese, and Malay.

4. Caregivers Alliance Limited

Indeed, it can be a long road to take care of a loved one who has a mental health illness, and CAL seeks to help them somewhere along the way. Graduates in the caregiving field can participate in respite exercises, voluntary work, and support groups. They include self-care activities where they can relax and meet new people, along with monthly Fireside Chats where they may learn how to improve their resiliency and caregiving abilities.

5. Caregiving Welfare Association

In an attempt to establish a connection with family caregivers, the Caregiving Welfare Association (CWA) invites them to attend their monthly caregiver support group meetings. CWA is of the notion that caregivers may benefit greatly from taking part in this kind of collaborative learning. One can learn how to deal with and possibly overcome such challenges over time by sharing personal experiences and, for instance, receiving mutual support from other people.

The art therapy support group and the mindfulness-based support group are two caregiver support group sessions that CWA currently offers as a way for caregivers to interact with one another and share experiences.

6. Club Heal

Any person dealing with a mental illness needs a strong support network, and the caregiver is a crucial part of that support system. Club HEAL conducts Caregiver Support Groups three times a month to provide caregivers with the assistance they require, and this is done with the help of qualified experts. Their three Mental Wellness Centers host caregiver support groups on the first three Fridays of each month.

7. Filos Community Services

For youngsters, adults, and senior citizens living in the Kembangan-Chai Chee and Kampong Chai Chee neighborhoods who have complex situations, Filos' mental health services offer integrated and comprehensive physical and mental health care alongside social support. The Caregiver Support program offers caregivers information on elderly mental health problems as well as provide emotional support to help them care for elderly loved ones at home who are dealing with dementia.

8. Online Support Groups

Support groups can also be found online, on sites like social media sites and internet forums. They enable you to participate in a local or global network of other caregivers without having to travel to a specific location. Online support groups could be helpful for caregivers if they lack the time, are ill, or would rather have some level of privacy when discussing their private emotions and thoughts. Furthermore, the caregivers might look for support networks online or request referrals from other caregivers to specific groups.

9. Caregiver Support Network

The Dementia-Friendly Singapore program led to the founding of the Caregiver Support Network, which seeks to encourage and connect caregivers who are looking after people living with dementia as well as manage any physical or mental health issues they may be experiencing. Through its peer support network, which emphasizes self-care, mindset development, and acknowledgment, CSN aims to inspire caregivers.

10. Dementia Helpline

For those who are caring for people with dementia, Dementia Singapore also offers helpline counseling services. Rest assured that all data is kept completely private and anonymous. Call the Dementia Helpline at 6377 0700 if you need advice on what would be best for you if you were caring for a person who has dementia, or email for your inquiries.

Prioritize Memory Care with Red Crowns

The diagnosis of dementia, a group of illnesses marked by a decline in mental capacity, is challenging for those who have the disease, but it also puts a considerable strain on those who are providing care for them. But, caregivers can also sign up for a variety of facilities—such as Red Crowns—or online communities as a first step in receiving assistance.

In addition to picking up stress management techniques, they can interact with their fellow caregivers within those groups to talk about their experiences, difficulties, and other providers of dementia care in Singapore, and advice on caregiving, which will significantly aid their situation.

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