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Need someone to take care of your elderly loved one while their caregiver is away? Our day care centre provides a full-day programme of care support catered to seniors that have a high level of care needs.
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What is elderly day care?

Elderly day care is a type of senior care centre that provides high-quality nursing care, assistance, and support to seniors whose own caregivers are away at work or on vacation. Although it's quite similar to nursing homes, day services only provide short-term care and the facility exhibits a more homey atmosphere.

Here, seniors get to thrive and be cared for in a healthy environment where their physical, mental, and overall well-being are nourished. Other than quality care and extensive therapy, your elderly loved ones may also enjoy social and recreational activities where they can cultivate their skills and connect with their peers.

Why choose our senior day care service?

Some caregivers have legitimate jobs of their own. Others desire to take a break to recharge themselves physically and mentally. But without their presence, who would look after their loved ones? This is where our eldercare services come in.

We provide a care setting and a wide range of care options for seniors who are not able to take care of themselves. We aim to improve the health and well-being of seniors to let them experience a better quality of life. Nursing homes may be expected to have the top-notch quality of facilities and services, but our daycare provides an opportunity for caregivers to entrust their patients in our hands even if it's just a temporary setup.

Who qualifies for elderly day care?

Typically, adults aged 65 and up are qualified for senior day care. They must be living with family members such as a spouse, adult children, or friends. Also, these seniors must have an impairment, disability, or other medical conditions that render them incapable of caring for themselves. Our day care service accepts individuals whose caregivers are away at work or taking a much-needed rest.

What are the benefits of elderly day care?

Here are the following benefits your loved one can get upon being admitted to a senior day care centre:

Improves daily living skills

Is your loved one experiencing difficulty in doing even the most basic of everyday tasks? Here, we provide therapy and various activities that will help seniors improve their cognitive and physiological movement. By doing so, they will be able to do daily living tasks better on their own.

Highly trained care staff

It's not easy to entrust the well-being of your loved one or family member to another person, but our caregiving staff is more than capable of handling the task. They are equipped with the right training and skills to provide the best kind of care and assistance to the elderly.

Availability of therapy

Many of our care receivers are aging adults living with impairments or disabilities. Our senior care centres provide extensive forms of therapy including physical therapy, speech/language therapy, and occupational therapy. This is to help the elderly in improving their physiological and mental health.

Socializing and connecting with others

Our whole day rehabilitation also paves the way for social interaction among the care recipients. Your loved one can meet new people and establish new friendships through the activity they participate in together. This is a good way to build their self-esteem and feeling of belongingness.

Delays the need to move into a long-term senior care centre

The great thing about elderly day care is that it reduces the possibility of having to move your elderly loved ones in nursing homes or nursing home alternatives like assisted living and memory care. Not that those facilities aren't any good, it's just that it prevents your loved one from permanently living away from you. Our adult day care enables your loved ones to get the care and support that they need for the whole day while they still get to go home with you. Furthermore, our planned programs and activities help in improving their respective conditions.

3 Types of Elderly Day Care

There is not one, but three types of elderly day care service. They depend on the care needs of each person.

Social Day Care

This is where seniors can be a part of a community or a group setting by engaging in fun, recreational, and social activities that will enhance their behavioral skills, creativity, and other passion pursuits. In our senior care centre, social activities generally include the following:

  • Mahjong
  • Games
  • Karaoke sessions
  • Movies
  • Dance
  • Social cooking
  • Memory care activities

Adult Day Health Care (ADHC)

This is more focused on improving the health of seniors. It involves medical-related services such as medication assistance, check-ups, and therapies.

Dementia Day Care

For seniors with dementia or any type of memory impairment (e.g. Alzheimer's), they can receive proper treatment, care, and support in dementia day care. There is therapy and planned activities to help reduce the progression of their disease.

Elderly Day Care Services

The following listed below are the services we offer in our senior care centre:

Caregiving/Personal Care Services

Seniors are given personal care through assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, feeding, and more. There is also nursing care to provide aging individuals with their much-needed supervision and fostering.

Daily Meals

Since proper nourishment is a part of healthcare, we offer daily meals comprised of healthy and nutritious food. We provide a complete set of meals per day including breakfast, lunch, tea break, and dinner (available for an additional fee of $20).

Rehabilitation Services/Rehabilitation Programmes

Seniors can participate in therapy to improve their well-being and their abilities. This includes rehabilitation sessions and therapy.

Medical Care Services

There are on-call doctors and nurses available to tend to the medical needs of the elderly.

Maintenance Exercises

One of the activities that we provide is the maintenance exercises. These include a regular flow of workouts to help strengthen and rejuvenate the physique of the elderly as well as to support them in active aging.

Elderly Day Care Daily Schedule

To give you an idea of how we manage our day-to-day activities for seniors, kindly refer to the sample schedule below:



  • 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
  • Breakfast and taking of vital signs
  • 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
  • Morning exercise
  • 11:00 AM to 12:00 NN
  • Lunch and toileting
  • 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
  • Watching movies
  • 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM
  • Teatime
  • 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM
  • Afternoon activities
  • 3:45 PM
  • Return to the facility

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to apply for senior day care centres?

To apply for elderly maintenance day care services, you must get in touch with Red Crowns Senior Living. Then, you have to submit the following requirements:
A copy of the senior's National Registration Identity Card (NRIC)
A copy of the caregiver's National Registration Identity Card (NRIC)
Latest medical records of the senior (or hospital discharge summary, if available). Medical records are required to be not a year older than the application date.
Download and fill out the application form.

You can verify with us if there are additional requirements needed. Remember, these must be submitted at least 8 days before the date you wish to start with the services.

How much does Elderly Day Care cost?

The estimated costs of the elderly day care in our senior care centre are as follows:








These are exclusive of government subsidies. So if you are qualified for a government subsidy in Singapore, these costs may be lowered. An old age home in Singapore like us offers in-house financial assistance for individuals who come from low-income-earning households.

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