HDB Assisted Living for Seniors — Everything to Know and How to Qualify

As the ageing population goes up, so does the urgency to satisfy their needs. It's really no secret that elderly folks have a more challenging time maintaining a comfortable lifestyle in accordance with the changes in their general health. As a result, numerous governmental bodies in Singapore strive to strengthen the treatment and support services for their ageing population to make their lives easier and more productive.

Several households couldn't spare the money or resources to give their elderly loved ones the care they deserved. As a corollary, elders' well-being suffers. Hence, various actions are being implemented to address all of these concerns.

Such instance, the Ministry of National Development (MND) of Singapore collaborated with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Housing Development Board (HDB) to expand elderly adequate housing. Keep reading to know more about this vital housing initiative.

Housing Development Board (HDB) — What It Is?

The Housing Development Board (HDB) is a Singaporean statutory body involved in creating public housing. With the growing need for appropriate guidance and support for the older demographic, the HDB collaborated with the Ministries of Health and National Development to establish community care apartments for seniors.

HDB Assisted Living Flats: What Does It Comprise?

The HDB has created a residential care alternative for the elderly called Assisted Living Flats. Assisted living apartments differs from conventional retirement homes or healthcare facilities in that they provide a mandatory service package. It indicates that through qualifying for this accommodation, senior residents will also be eligible for government-provided nursing treatment and support.

The community care apartments are the first part of public accommodation in the assisted living flats sector. The seniors would move into a house with senior-friendly amenities and services, which will ensure their convenience and protection. They can also participate in cultural and recreational programs with other older folks in communal spaces. The community manager will also be there regularly to help the elders' living environment.

Mandatory Service Package Inclusions

The perk of residing in HDB's assisted living flats and community care apartments is that they'd be provided various services to support them daily. The amenities vary depending on the plan your ageing relative qualified for.

The basic service package comprises 24/7 emergency supervision and response, essential health inspections, devices or senior-friendly equipment, simple home repairs, and events in communal spaces.

Built-in wardrobes and cabinets, a furnished communal space, carpeting, and a sliding wall that divides the living and bedroom spaces are essential qualities. The elderly can also choose to enhance their service plan if they desire. Collaborative caregiving, communal day care services, housework and laundry, food delivery services, residential and personal care options, and Medical Escort & Transport are all included in the upgraded version. 

The Cost of Residing in HDB Assisted Living?

The location of your HDB apartment determines the expense of membership and whether you require merely the basic service package or choose to upgrade. Pricing starts at $22,000 for only a 15-year lease with the option to renew.

Alternatively, elders can pick a partial upfront payment alongside a monthly fee of roughly $50 for the service package. Another benefit is that they could still pay using their Central Provident Fund (CPF) funds rather than cash.

Who Qualifies for HDB Assisted Living Flats and What Are the Requirements?

HDB assisted living homes and community care apartments to cater to a single demographic: the elderly. Nonetheless, this isn't the only aspect to consider. To be accepted for HDB assisted living and community care apartments, you must meet the following requirements:

  • 65 years and older

  • Singaporean national

  • Has a monthly income cap of $14,000

  • Should not have previously purchased a studio apartment or a 2-room Flexi flat on a short-term lease

  • The lease term ranges from 15 to 35 years (in 5-year increments)

  • The lease must cover the client and their spouse (if any) until they become at least 95 years old.

  • Includes a necessary service package that will last the duration of the lease

  • Priority has been given to retirees who require immediate care services

Is It Possible to Get Government Subsidies?

The few who qualify for HDB Assisted Living flats or a community care apartment are also entitled to the Silver Housing Bonus, so they don't have to fret about their finances. It is a monetary bonus that might be worth up to $30,000. The bonus is available to the elderly who sell their previous flat and utilize the proceeds to build their CPF Retirement Account.

Conversely, those with private property who earn a substantial monthly salary or have previously exhausted their housing subsidies may be required to pay extra charges on top of the flat price.

The HDB Assisted Living Flats, as aforementioned, cannot be leased or resold. If the elderly think they no longer need the apartment, they can immediately return the existing flat to the HDB and receive a refund for the remainder of the lease.

Red Crowns Nursing Home Alternative

The establishment of Assisted Living Flats by HDB is a significant gift to the elderly communities. Conversely, private companies, such as Red Crowns Senior Living, have founded means and devised developments to improve the standard of living of Singapore's elders.

Red Crowns also provides excellent Assisted Living for those who cannot function independently or tend to themselves. It's an outstanding nursing home alternative, with skilled caregivers providing nutritious care and assistance to older patients. It's also a form of environment where they can meet new friends who are akin to them and thrive while participating in various community events.

Elderly Care

Red Crowns' principal objective is to provide the most outstanding possible services and assistance to the elderly. Although each elderly adult's needs are different, they make absolutely sure to continue providing equipment and resources to meet their needs.


The caregivers are well-trained and experienced in delivering nutritious help and treatment to the seniors.

Private Nurses

The private, professional nurses are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to attend to the residents' medical requirements. They are responsible for assisting elders in living a rather more fulfilled and safe life by helping them manage their health conditions.

On-Call Doctors

Physicians who are on call in the event that an ageing resident has a medical emergency. Red Crowns has an on-call clinician capable of responding since elders are more likely to suffer from chronic illnesses and unforeseen health risks such as stroke.

Senior-Friendly Amenities

The elderly can also take advantage of several amenities. Contrasting nursing homes, Red Crowns Assisted Living provides a more cheerful and energetic environment where elders can feel more lively.

Events and Activities

Elders can also embrace their old age without first using a wheelchair, thanks to various activities accessible.


To promote convenience, Red Crowns constructed Assisted Living residences throughout Singapore. They have locations in Bukit Timah, Bukit Batok, Redhill-Queenstown, and the Bedok Reservoir, among others.

Discover the Best Among Viable Housing Options

Even if we all dream of living and perish contentedly, ideally in our old age, there's still the possibility of dying alone and unnoticed. Together HDB and Red Crowns deliver remarkable assisted living features and services which will undoubtedly cater benefits for seniors in Singapore for them to survive and thrive.

One selling point in the HDB community care apartments is that someone looks after you. Also, the anticipated sense of belonging would help alleviate most of the other unpleasant mental health challenges that the elderly confront. Red Crowns, on the other hand, may provide a broader array of services for your elderly relatives with their leading services with assisted living in Singapore.

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