Discovering IDAPE: The Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly

Singapore excels at providing older people with several opportunities to get financial assistance as they continue to live in their current homes. The cost of meeting the elders' medical and care requirements can be somewhat offset by these government subsidies for seniors and their relatives. The Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly, often known as IDAPE, is one of the initiatives that focuses on providing mobility support.

Interim Disability Assistance Program for the Elderly — What It Is?

The Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly, frequently recognized as IDAPE, was established in 2002 to help a limited number of elderly Singaporeans who at that point were not qualified for ElderShield financially. This was due to their pre-existing ailments or the fact that they were older than the allowed age limit or maximum entry age.

The expenditures of nursing care, medical expenses, and employing a foreign domestic helper to take care of the beneficiary can all be defrayed by this severe disability insurance scheme. Eligible seniors may receive monthly cash payments of $150 or $250 contingent upon the findings of their means test. There are no constraints on how the reimbursements will be utilized, as long as they are put to use to meet the handicapped claimant's medical necessities, which is among the key advantages of this financial system.

How Do IDAPE and Eldershield Compare?

Only a handful of seniors who weren't qualified for ElderShield when it first launched would get monthly cash payments. One such program is IDAPE, which is for elderly people with impairments who were not qualified for Eldershield in 2002 owing to pre-existing conditions or because they were beyond the age limit for severe disability assessment.

ElderShield was launched back in 2002 as a fundamental long-term care insurance program aimed at Singaporeans who are older and handicapped, particularly as they age. When this government assistance scheme first started, it offered payments of $300 monthly for up to five years in the event of a serious handicap. All Singapore citizens and PRs who had MediSave accounts were, up until 2019 and all dates inclusive, automatically registered in ElderShield at 40.

Benefits of IDAPE

Contingent on their financial situation, these seniors enrolled in IDAPE may be eligible for a $150 or $250 monthly payout for a maximum of 72 months if seniors develop severe disability. The benefits may be used in any way as long as the disabled IDAPE claimant is taken care of. Also, they might pay for the following medical bills, for instance, should they face financial circumstances.

  • Healthcare costs

  • Expense of nursing

  • A foreign domestic worker is being hired to assist in taking care of the IDAPE claimant who is disabled

Eligibility Criteria for IDAPE

Seniors are considered instantly elderly IDAPE-eligible if:

  • A Singapore citizen who is presently living there

  • A pre-existing disability has existed since September 30, 2002, although you were born before that date or between October 1 and September 30, 1962.

  • Having a per-person capita household monthly income of $2,800 or below, residing in a home with an annual value or yearly sum of $13,000 or less, and having no total monthly household income

  • They have significant pre-existing disabilities and are unable to carry at least three out of the six daily living activities.

How to Apply For IDAPE?


Candidates must first undertake a severe disability assessment as per MOH accredited evaluator for a charge of $100. For a cost of $250, an assessor will come to your house to assess if the care receiver struggles to physically visit the clinic.

This extensive list, which has been divided up by area and includes more than 150 authorized assessors, was put together by the Agency for Integrated Care. The assessment cost will be fully refunded with the first reimbursement if the care recipient's abilities to complete at least three of the six ADLs are determined to be limited.


Following completion of the disability assessment, candidates may move on to submit their applications directly through the AIC eService portal or eFASS. Based on who is applying, after logging in, go to the Apply to Receive Scheme Payout tab and choose For Myself.

While you still have the option to submit your application physically, doing so is not recommended because the processing time is significantly quicker. Due to the large number of candidates from senior group homes in Singapore, the processing of applications might take a maximum of one month. Successful claimants will get written notification of their status and may anticipate that compensation will be sent right away to the designated bank account in the next month.


If you believe that your older folks may not require immediate assistance with mobility, there are additional subsidies available for help with caring, everyday activities, and healthcare expenses. To ensure that your senior family member receives the most suitable and efficient care from the best nursing home in Singapore, ensure to evaluate their care requirements before applying to any program.

View our comprehensive guide to senior financial schemes for elderly individuals and grants for caregivers to learn about a few of the many senior financial plans available and choose which one is most suitable for your folks.

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