Secure Your Retirement With CPF Matched Retirement Savings Scheme

The 2021-launched MRSS program intends to assist elderly Singaporeans with low retirement savings to accumulate more funds, which would increase their monthly retirement benefits.

What Is Matched Retirement Savings Scheme?

The primary objective of the Matched Retirement Savings Scheme, or MRSS, is to assist older Singaporeans who are yet to achieve the Basic Retirement Sum to increase their retirement savings. It started on January 1st, 2021, and is currently projected to endure for five years, through 2025. The government will match every dollar of cash top-ups provided to qualifying members through the CPF Retirement Sum Topping-Up programme, up to a maximum annual cap of $600 for eligible members.

The Retirement Sum Topping-Up Scheme, otherwise known as the RSTU, was created for everyone, whereas the MRSS was created to assist Singapore's older population who had not yet reached the Basic Retirement Sum.

Benefits of MRSS

In essence, MRSS is an excellent approach to increasing your retirement savings in addition to the savings of your older family members, since you stand to get advantages above and above the government's matching $600 grant. It consists of gaining CPF interest rates, receiving greater retirement account distributions, and taking advantage of tax relief.

As you increase your CPF retirement savings, you will additionally have more money available for retirement. The more money in the account, the more monthly retirement payouts will be reimbursed from CPF LIFE, regardless of the amount of time you live. Also, you will receive retirement payouts monthly from the Basic Retirement Sum that will cover your essential living costs.

Qualifications of MRSS

The following requirements must be satisfied under the qualifications on MRSS:

  • 55 to 70-year-old CPF members

  • The prevailing Basic Retirement Sum is less than $93,000 in the retirement account.

  • A monthly salary of less than $4,000 on average

  • All HDB apartments are protected up to $13,000 in yearly housing value.

  • Must only possess one property

Steps on Getting a Grant

You may do this by adding cash to your retirement account at any time throughout the year, and the matching grant of up to $600 will be immediately deposited to your retirement account at the start of the following year. Additionally, wherever possible, fill up your account with little amounts of money rather than in one large sum. For instance, if you make a $50 contribution a month for a year, you will be eligible for a maximum $600 matching award by the year's end.

Steps How to Top Up Your MRSS

Here is an easy how-to for starting your MRSS cash top-up with Paynow QR if your senior folks are qualified for the program.

Step 1: Visit the website for CPF E-Cashier

The CPF website's e-Cashier interface is where you may begin your cash top-up. Enter the recipient's NRIC, choose "Top Up My Retirement Account Under Retirement Sum Topping-Up Scheme," and then click "Continue" to reach the acknowledgment page. For the PayNow QR processing, you must complete the form on this page using your NRIC number and the appropriate banking application.

Step 2: Enter the Recipient's NRIC and the Top-Up Amount

When placing the top-up for yourself, enter your NRIC and then choose "self" from the drop-down choice for the recipient's relationship to me. In order to top up for your elderly parents, enter their NRIC and choose "parent" from the drop-down choice for the recipient's relationship to me.

To benefit from the entire dollar-for-dollar matching grant that would be contributed under the plan, you can top up $600 to the MRSS in order to use it to its fullest potential. If we top up before the year ends, the top-up can be divided into smaller amounts.

Step 3: Top-Up Amount Verification

When you verify the top-up amount, you will be then sent to the verification page so that we can check the entry once more. Also, you are eligible for the same tax break offered for RSTU top-ups in this situation. You can create the PayNow QR from this point on for the cash top-up.

Step 4: Paying with the PayNow QR Code

Generally, you have two options when topping up via E-cashier: PayNow or E-nets. For this article, we have chosen to use PayNow to process payments for MRSS definitive guide from CPF. The CPF board will issue a QR code to scan with your chosen bank if you want to pay now and continue. You may also find the PayNow QR code here on this page. Following the scan, the payment will be authenticated and confirmed within that same day, in addition to an email confirmation for a successful top-up.

How to Increase Your Retirement Funds Beyond MRSS

If you turn 55 this year and have $80,000 in the retirement account, you will fall short of the $96,000 Basic Retirement Sum in 2022. Basic starts at $830, then increase to $890 throughout for Standard, while Escalating Plans begin at $700 and increase by 2% annually. If you started receiving CPF LIFE monthly distributions at age 70, when your estimated retirement account savings is $155,000, you would get the following amount for your monthly payouts.

Differences Between RSTU and MRSS

While both the Retirement Sum Topping Up Scheme, RSTU, and the Matched Retirement Savings Scheme, MRSS have the same goal of assisting Singaporeans in boosting their retirement savings via CPF top-ups, there are a number of significant variations.

All Singaporeans and Permanent Residents are eligible to get top-ups through RSTU, up to the FRS if they are under 55 and up to the ERS if they are 55 or older. With MRSS, the matching grant is only available to senior Singaporeans who do not meet the present BRS and other particular requirements. Additionally, the tax benefits for RSTU are increased to S$16,000, with S$8,000 available for cash top-ups to family members and S$8,000 available for cash top-ups to oneself. In addition, they are eligible for up to 6% interest on CPF savings. Contrarily, MRSS offers seniors a dollar-for-dollar matching award of roughly $600 annually as well as tax benefits under RSTU and approximately 6% interest.

For elderly individuals who need to increase their retirement funds, the Matched Retirement Savings Scheme is an exceptional complement. Also, you might want to think about filling up your CPF retirement account if you are qualified for MRSS and have the extra money to contribute the required $600. It is truly a terrific method to make up lost retirement funds for your older family members thanks to the government's dollar-for-dollar matching award.

Consider employing tax relief programs like the RSTU and SRS to optimize savings while living in senior group homes. Alternatively, get in touch with Red Crowns, the leading private old age homes, for help learning how to increase your retirement savings with our savings and investing plans.

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