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What Is Medical Escort?

Travelling to and from clinics, hospitals, and residences can be difficult for elders and those with mobility constraints which require integrated care assistance. Due to lack of time, the family caregiver is not always around to provide medical escort services, or the prolonged waiting times for consultations may be troublesome.

It is when a medical escort service is necessary to offset the loss of availability due to time constraints. The service includes round trip transport or somebody to join the elderly care recipient to and from medical appointments and therapies at health facilities, speciality outpatient centres, or polyclinics on the same day they are scheduled. It's also for those with an elderly loved one who needs assistance moving around caused of physical constraints, doesn't have a caregiver, or can't deliver care due to their own health conditions.

What Are The Benefits Of Medical Escort?

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Seniors Are Well Taken Care of and Prioritized

Medical escorts have considerable training and previous experience interacting with the elderly. Medical escort assistance at home or in a care facility enables more specialised treatment for elderly patients. All the seniors' needs are met, leaving them feeling much better. Individualised care, on the other hand, enhances recovery by giving one-on-one care dedicated to individual medical needs.

It Would Be Stress-Free for the Families of Seniors

Family caregivers frequently feel as if they've never gotten leisure for themselves. There was little time between a stressful job, housework, parenting, and senior care. Anyone deserves time to rest and decompress, but they may feel pressured and overburdened if they don't have it. Needing medical escorts on hand relieves the hassle of having to accompany the elderly and fit them into their packed life.

Seniors Would Not Miss Any Medical Appointments

When it comes to doctor's appointments, the majority of elderly folks become confused, which can lead to severe health problems. The escorts have been equipped to deal with such situations so that the patient receives immediate and comprehensive medical treatment.

Seniors Have Someone to Connect With

Forming interpersonal interactions and having somebody to converse with on a daily basis is critical for elders' well-being. Even having medical escorts around can make them feel as if they have a chance to connect with someone else who knows them and will be there to meet their needs.

Families of Seniors Can Focus On Making a Living and Fortifying Their Relationships

Whenever family members must care for an older relative, they could be absent from work or will have to leave the office. Because doctor's visits fall within regular business hours, they may have to take a little time off to transport their seniors to their consultations. If the elderly relative is accompanied by a medical escort and has someone to handle their nursing care, their work schedule will not be affected. As a result, they can devote their time and energy to making the seniors feel less lonely and isolated.

Our Accommodation Types

Red Crowns focuses on providing superior senior care and healthcare treatments inside our caring and nurturing facilities. We ensure that our comprehensive amenities and skilled service provide all your ageing loved ones need to live a day in happiness and peace.

Assisted Living

Our assisted living facilities' medical team focuses on providing a supportive environment for elders who demand assistance with daily responsibilities. With our assisted living Singapore, we encourage social connections as well as basic services so that they can participate in community initiatives and improve their lifestyles.
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Independent Living

Our independent living communities are designed for elderly people who are immobilised or have medical problems and demand extra assistance with their everyday routine. Utilise transport assistance, personal care, healthy meals, and 24-hour supervision to make their time in our supervision as comfortable as possible.
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Memory Care

Our memory care centres offer comprehensive therapies, expert nursing and medical attention, and everyday activities to help dementia patients enhance their memory and slow the progression of their disorder.
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