What Makes a Nursing Home Different From Elderly Day Care?

When our parents start to age, it’s our turn to take care of them. Aging is an inevitable part of life but it sometimes comes with complications that compromise a person’s health, comfort, and happiness. That being said, it is important to plan and prepare ahead for what’s about to come.    Deciding on elderly care options, however, can be challenging as well. There are just so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming to determine which one’s the best. The smartest thing you can do is to carefully evaluate your elderly loved one’s situation and start from there.    In this article, we will be talking about two particular senior care options and comparing them side by side: nursing home and elderly daycare. 

What is a nursing home?

A nursing home is a senior care facility that caters to aging adults that have high levels< of need. This refers to seniors who cannot live independently but also do not require to be admitted to a hospital. Nursing homes have a more clinical setting compared to an old folks’ home and are far more strict in terms of the seniors’ health and safety.    Nursing homes, however, are ideal for those who require more complex nursing procedures. Other than caregivers, there are also private nurses and on-call doctors that can address their medical-related needs. This reduces the need to visit hospitals or outside clinics. It is a place where seniors can live but get all the nursing and personal care services that they need to live more comfortably and securely. 

What is an elderly daycare?

An elderly daycare is more of a short-term type of care provided to seniors. Here, aging adults will be left in a daycare center during the day while their family members or personal caregivers are away. Seniors can receive care as well as socialize with other elderly people through various activities. This enables you to go to your job or take care of other responsibilities knowing that your loved one is in good hands.    Senior daycare may not have the extensive services that nursing homes and other long-term senior care facilities have but is a good environment for elders to stay in temporarily. They can thrive in fun activities and reduce the progression of their diseases by participating in therapy. If you don’t want to move your loved one into senior care permanently, this option is always viable. 

What are nursing home services?

Since nursing homes are dedicated to seniors with extreme levels of needs, they provide more extensive services than most. These services are directed toward improving the physical and mental health of the elderly. If your loved one’s condition prevents them from living normally or independently, then maybe it’s time to consider moving them into a nursing home.    Here are the following nursing home services:

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

Seniors with serious health conditions or disabilities can find it difficult to accomplish even the simplest tasks. Nursing homes offer assistance with ADLs and personalized care. This means that caregivers will assist seniors in activities such as feeding, bathing, grooming, toileting, and mobility. 

Complex Nursing Care

Private nurses are available to provide comprehensive nursing procedures for terminally ill patients or those who came out of surgery. The procedures include wound dressing and cleaning, managing a nasogastric tube urine catheter, and many more. 

Vital Signs Monitoring

Regular monitoring of the vital signs of the care recipients will be done to assess their overall well-being and prevent early signs of illness. This includes checking the blood pressure, blood sugar level, body temperature, pulse rate, and respiration rate. 

Medical Check-ups

Managing the health of seniors includes going to medical appointments with their doctors. We have in-house doctors that can evaluate the care recipients to prevent them from having to go to a hospital (unless deemed necessary). This will make it easier to address the medical needs of elderly residents.

Social and rehabilitative activities 

Other than their physical needs, nursing homes also understand the importance of nurturing seniors’ mental and emotional health. Nursing homes also offer social activities where seniors can interact with each other. There are also rehabilitative activities such as therapy that will help reduce the progression of their diseases/impairments.    If you have a loved one who needs around-the-clock nursing care and long-term health management, you may reach out to a nursing home Singapore

What are elderly daycare services?

Elderly daycare is more than just a place where your loved ones stay while you are away at work. Here, they receive care and engage in activities that are meant to improve their overall well-being. It is like receiving the kind of benefits they would get from an old folks’ home, except, this is more of a temporary setting.    Listed below are elderly daycare services: 

Nutrition & meals

Elderly daycare provides nutritious meals to ensure the good health of the care recipients. Seniors’ health is more fragile than most so they need to consume foods and drinks that will not aggravate their chronic conditions. 

Comprehensive Health Screenings

Seniors can also receive comprehensive health screenings and assistance in an adult daycare. This is to check their vitals and health condition and prevent early signs of infection or diseases. If there are any complications found in their health, the daycare can assist in transferring them to a hospital. 

Activities & Events

Some adults get easily bored, especially when they are not in their own home. This is why activities and events are implemented so that seniors can enjoy and spend their time happily. They can play games, do arts and crafts, and many more. 

Socialization & Peer Support

Elderly people need to have a sense of self-belongingness, especially those with anxiety or depression. Being in a daycare allows them to socialize and interact with other aging adults. This will help eliminate feelings of loneliness or isolation.    If you are looking for an elderly daycare centre Singapore, make sure to choose the one that offers these services and more! 

What are the differences between a nursing home and elderly daycare?

For seniors who have high levels of care need and are more physically incapable, they deserve to be in a nursing home. Nursing homes are more rounded when it comes to complex nursing care and they have private nurses and doctors around in cases of emergency. However, nursing homes are also more restrictive to protect the safety and welfare of the elderly. Caregivers will constantly supervise the care recipients to monitor their movement and ensure that their health is stabilized.    Elderly daycare, on the other hand, also provides quality care to seniors. Their services are not as extensive as those of a nursing home because they tend to seniors who can be a little more independent. The purpose of daycare is to be a good environment for seniors to thrive in and improve themselves whilst their loved ones are away. It is more focused on letting seniors engage in activities and socialization to combat the physical and mental complications brought about by aging.    Nursing homes are more costly than adult daycare. This is because a nursing home is a more long-term care setting compared to a daycare which can be temporary. Nursing homes offer private rooms and other amenities that you wouldn’t normally find in a daycare.    Both nursing homes and elderly daycare are important facilities for the elderly. They are only different because of the type of seniors they cater to. That is why you must know and understand the needs and situation of your loved one—so you can choose the care option that’s best for them.

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