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Why do people send their parents to old age homes? 5 Notable Reasons

When our loved ones age, they tend to become weaker. It’s natural for them to feel that way considering that the bones and muscles in their body slowly deteriorate. Although there are many seniors who are still capable of being independent and seeming younger than their actual age, there are those who become frail, sick, or suffer from conditions that render them incapable of looking after themselves. When this happens, it’s the family members who take care of them, specifically the children. 

It is usually expected for the sons and daughters to care for their parents as they ease into their golden years. They took care of us our whole life, it’s only fair that we do the same. But despite that idea, how come there are people who still move their parents into old age homes? Is it because they are unable to do so because of their circumstances or is it simply because they don’t want another responsibility? 

The reasons may vary from person to person. In this article, we’ll be pointing out some of the usual reasons as to why people send their parents to old age homes. 

Defining old age homes

Old age homes or retirement homes are pertaining to housing facilities that were built for the elderly. They include apartment-style rooms or condominium units where the senior residents can live. Unlike nursing homes which are more clinically-inclined, old age homes are like a form of community where your aging loved ones can spend the rest of their remaining years with assistance from professional caregivers when it comes to their daily living activities as well as engaging in recreational and social activities that will help them connect with other elderly people. 

Living in old age homes gives your loved ones full access to meals, health care, and other daily essentials. If you can no longer care for your parents, you can rely on a trusted old age home facility instead.

Reasons why people send their parents to old age homes

For some, especially those who were raised in cultures that give importance to familial relationships, sending your parents to a retirement home paints a negative picture. The thought of your mother or father (or both) staying in a place with a bunch of strangers who are personally caring for them is not easy to think about. Aren’t the children supposed to be the ones to help them bathe, get dressed, or remind them of their medications?  

However, there are also children who still want to care for their elderly parents. But there are times when they feel overwhelmed or exhausted. It’s also important for the caregivers to take a break every once in a while to also protect their physical and mental health. That is why there are many facilities who also offer respite care. Here, you can entrust the well-being of your parents in the hands of professional caregiving staff for just a short period of time. You can still get to care for your parents permanently, it’s just a way for you to have a rest every once in a while. Giving importance to caring for yourself will give you more strength to care for others. 

To tell you the truth, an old age home isn’t a bad thing. There are plenty of reasonable factors as to why some people decide to move their parents into them. If you want to know what they are, read on. 

  • They have needs. 

As people age, they tend to become vulnerable and develop many needs. They have medical needs when they are experiencing illnesses or have developed conditions requiring proper medical care. They also need personal care wherein a person helps them out with their daily living activities like taking a bath, dressing up, and many more. These are things that they can no longer do on their own. Also, they have social needs. As they age, parents sometimes feel that their children and grandchildren no longer need them thus the result of feeling alone. They desire for a sense of belongingness and the ability to connect with other people. Socializing will also help them feel less anxious and fearful of getting old and eventually passing on. Lastly, elders also have physiological needs wherein they need to stay physically active to combat certain conditions that make them physically weak. 

These needs may appear to be a lot which is why it can be difficult for family members or personal caregivers to be able to provide it all. In old age homes, they have every resource possible to satisfy the needs of the elderly. 

  • They are financially troubled. 

Caring for seniors not only require effort but also money. Children usually support their aging parents financially, especially if they are sick or can no longer work for a living themselves. However, when people get old, the more they begin to need things which is why the expenses are also quite costly. 

Not all children have great-paying jobs and some of them also have their own immediate family to look after. With that said, they can no longer support their parents even if they wanted to. Moving them into retirement homes is more reasonable because even though you still pay for their rental fees, it’s more cost-efficient considering that all of their needs are already covered. Plus, children have a peace of mind that their parents are properly being cared for which makes it a worthy investment. 

  • Their safety and security

Safety is one of the most important factors that children consider when they move their parents into old age homes. The elderly are more susceptible to accidents especially if they are a fall-risk or if they suffer from conditions related to memory impairment. Supervising your parents’ movement 24/7 is a demanding job especially if you have a real one that you need to go to. Also, regular houses are not necessarily built with the safety features that can guarantee the security of the elderly. But in retirement homes, they are developed and built in a way that’s optimized for seniors. They are much safer staying there because the facilities are senior-friendly, plus there are actual people who are designated to watch over them. 

Also, old age homes like Red Crowns have nearby locations which makes it possible for you to reach your elderly parents easily. You don’t have to travel too far in order to visit them. 

  • They are not capable of providing the right care. 

Sometimes, some children are lacking the capability to provide their aging parents with the right amount of care. As mentioned previously, the elderly have many needs that need to be addressed and tended. Not being able to satisfy these needs will definitely affect their mental, physical, and spiritual state negatively. When the children know for sure that they cannot personally care for their parents due to their jobs or other equally important commitments, they turn to retirement homes to fill their shoes. In old age homes, they will receive every bit of care and support that they need while still enjoying their retirement years. 

  • They want to retire. 

It’s not all the time that the children make the decision about moving their parents into old age homes. Sometimes, the decision comes from the parents itself. There are old people who do not wish to be a burden to their kids and want to spend their golden years independently. This is why they choose to live in old age homes. They want to enjoy their life engaging in fun activities but at the same time having people to rely on to assist them with their needs. Parents can also be very selfless, wanting their kids to focus on their own lives instead of worrying about them all the time. 

It’s very important to understand that moving your parents into an old age home is not about evading responsibility. It’s about learning and understanding their needs and prioritizing what’s best for them. We cannot force ourselves to care for them especially if we have all these reasons in the way. This is not about the children but it’s about the aging parents that need the best kind of care, attention, and support as they experience all the changes that take place in their mind and body. With the existence of old age homes, people can wake up knowing that their parents are in good hands. 

If you are looking for a reliable old age home in Singapore for your parents, you can check out Red Crowns. They provide many different facilities for the elderly, depending on their needs and conditions. You can check their website or call their hotline for more details.

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Defining old age homesReasons why people send their parents to old age homes

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