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5 Notable Reasons for Sending Elderly Parents to Old Age Homes

Given the progressive decline of the bones and muscles, it's natural for our ageing loved ones to feel their health deteriorate as they get older. While many elderly are still able to be self-sufficient and appear younger than their actual age, others grow weak, severely ill, or suffer from illnesses that make them unable to care for themselves. When this occurs, close relatives, particularly children, are responsible for their care.

When our elderly parents reach their glory days, children and grandchildren are often expected to take care of them. They have taken care of us our entire lives; it is only fair that we reciprocate. Regardless, why do some people continue to commit their relatives to care facilities?

Such reasons vary hugely, and we've gathered a comprehensive collection of reasons why some people place their elderly relatives in nursing facilities.

Understanding Old Age Homes

In general, an old age home, frequently recognized as a retirement home, refers to living facilities designed specifically for the aged. There are apartment-style bedrooms or condos available for older folk from which they can reside. Apart from nursing homes, which are far more clinically oriented, old age homes are almost like a neighbourhood where your older loved ones can splurge the remaining days with professional caregivers assisting them with everyday activities along with social and recreational programs that will help them interact with other elders.

These institutions will leave your ageing loved ones with complete access to meal options, medical care, and other everyday necessities if they live in an old-age home. Also, they have highly skilled workers who will look after all of their needs and ensure they enjoy a fulfilling retirement until their final days. Families will receive regular reports on their loved one's condition and overall wellness. So, should family members seem unable to care for their elderly, they may take the assistance of a reputable old age home.

The sole disadvantage of these residences is that they are costly and may be out of reach for low- and middle-income households. Hence, if you need to provide the optimal care for your elderly loved ones, you should consider a variety of possibilities before settling on one. Additionally, all sorts of facilities must fulfil the government's minimum requirements.

5 Reasons Why People Send Their Parents to Old Age Homes

Placing your ageing parents in an old folks home may present a negative impression for some people, particularly those nurtured in societies that value family relations. It's difficult to imagine your parents being tended to by a room full of strangers. Aren't always the children meant to wash, clothe, and remind their parents about their prescribed medication?

Still, some children wish to look after their old parents, but they can also become overburdened or drained at times. It's also necessary for caregivers to take a rest now and then to maintain their physical and emotional well-being. As a result, several facilities provide respite care as well, where you have the option to leave your elders' care in the hands of expert caregivers for a limited time. 

Old age homes, in all honesty, aren't a terrible thing. There are several other valid reasons why some people choose to relocate their elderly parents into retirement homes, so keep reading to know more about them.

  • They Have Needs

People grow more susceptible as they get older and have more healthcare needs when they become sick or acquire diseases that necessitate immediate treatment. They also require personal care, which entails someone assisting them with everyday activities like showering, clothing, and other similar chores, as they can no longer accomplish these tasks by themselves. 

Elderly parents may believe that their kids and grandkids no longer need them because they grow into adulthood, leading to feelings of isolation. They crave a feeling of connection and the opportunity to communicate with others. Socialization will also make them feel less nervous and afraid about growing old and dying. Ultimately, the elderly have physiological requirements that demand them to remain healthy and active in order to counter the diseases that make them fragile.

Such responsibilities may seem overwhelming, making it challenging for relatives or private caregivers to meet them all. Fortunately, old-age homes have every resource at their disposal to meet the requirements of the elders.

  • They Are Financially Troubled

Senior care necessitates both time and money, and the burdens fall directly on their children, typically financially helping their elderly parents, mainly if they are sick or unable to work. Yet, when people grow older, they require greater demands, resulting in higher costs.

Let's face it, not all have well-paying careers, and most have their own families to care for. As a result, even though they wanted to, they could not finance their parents. Transferring them into old folks' homes is more affordable since, while you will still be responsible for their rent, it will be more cost-effective since all of their necessities will be met. Also, they have the assurance that their ageing parents are being provided for, making it a worthwhile investment.

  • Their Safety and Security

When it comes to moving their ageing parents into nursing facilities, one of the most crucial considerations that children consider is safety. Accidents are more likely to occur in the elderly, primarily if they are prone to falling or have memory-related disorders. Keeping track of your parents' whereabouts 24/7 is arduous, particularly if you have a regular job. 

Also, ordinary houses are not often equipped with safety features that ensure the elderly's protection. Retirement houses, on the other hand, are designed and constructed with seniors in mind. They are that much secure living anyway because the facilities have actual professional nursing staff assigned to assist them.

Additionally, old age homes, including Red Crowns, have nearby locations, allowing you to conveniently visit your ageing relatives without having to travel far to see them.

  • They Are Unable to Provide Adequate Care


Most children may be unable to offer enough care for their elderly parents. As previously said, the seniors have a variety of requirements that must be met. If these needs are not fulfilled, it will have a detrimental impact on their emotional, physiological, and spiritual health. When the kids understand they won't be able to care for their folks owing to their employment or other obligations, they resort to retirement communities to help. Within the facilities, their parents will receive all of the help and support they need, allowing them to enjoy their sunset years.

  • They Want to Retire

The family is not always responsible for placing their ageing parents in an elderly home. The parents themselves can sometimes make a choice. Some seniors would rather not be a nuisance to their children and choose to spend their peak years on their own. It's why so many may choose to live in nursing facilities, as they really would like to enjoy their lives by participating in fun activities while also having someone to help them with their necessities. Parents can sometimes be quite unselfish, wanting their children to concentrate on their own life rather than constantly thinking about them.

In essence, it's vital to understand that moving your ageing parents into an old-age home isn't really about refusing to take responsibility. It's simply a matter of fully understanding their requirements and prioritizing their needs. It is true that we cannot push ourselves to provide for them, coming on the heels of all the challenges. Most importantly, this isn't about the children; rather, it's about the elderly relatives who deserve the best medical care, attention, and assistance as their physical and mental development change. Also, with the accessibility of old-age homes, families can rest assured that their folks are in capable hands.

At Red Crowns, we offer an excellent alternative for your ageing parents if they need an old-age home in Singapore. Depending on the demands and conditions of the elderly, we offer a variety of services that will fit their specific needs. For additional information, visit their website or contact their helpline.

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