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Benefit Comparison: Singapore Senior Living Facilities vs. Elderly Day Care

As people grow old, they begin to experience changes in their minds and bodies. They become mentally and physically weaker, no longer able to do things the same way they used to. It's a part of aging to become a little frail. But there are also some who susceptible to certain health conditions or illnesses which even render them even more dependent on others for care. While some of us can care for our loved ones at home, others need to rely on a third party to provide their elderly loved ones with the proper nurturing care and support they need.

Hence, this is why many care options were made available by the government and private sectors in Singapore. The importance of life expectancy and the senior community pushed them to take measures in providing means to tend to their every need. When family members or the people seniors have close relations with are not capable of looking after them, this is where caregiving and home care facilities enter the picture.

wo of the well-known care options for seniors are the old folks' home and elderly day care in Singapore. These two types of senior care centres are equally important but serve quite a few differences in purpose. In this article, we will be tackling and differentiating the benefits of both.

Understanding old folks' home

To be clear, old folks' homes aren't similar to nursing homes. These are facilities that have a home-like setting where seniors can live independently but who are still in need of assistance when it comes to their activities of daily living. One particular example of this would be assisted living.

The great thing about living in assisted living homes, your elderly loved ones don't feel as if their perfectly incapable to do things. They can still move around and enjoy their life without having to worry about their care needs. The accommodation is great and the personal care being given by the staff is high-quality. Plus, it's a community filled with like-minded people who can give them the support they need as they go through the process of ageing.

Assisted living

Assisted living is a type of old folks' home wherein seniors can maintain independence but still require minimum assistance when it comes to their care needs. They also get to join in activities and spend time with like-minded people while their daily living activities are being serviced by staff. They also get to live in quality housing accommodations in the form of apartments or condo units.

Independent Living

What is independent living? This is the type of senior care where your loved ones can spend their retirement years without requiring any care or assistance from caregivers. They live completely independently while services such as housekeeping may be provided. This is more of living in a vibrant community where they can remain active and be in contact with other retirees like them.

Memory Care

This is a centre-based senior home for those who have dementia or memory impairment issues. It's a professional home care setting where seniors who are struggling with their cognitive abilities can receive the support they need through physical, mental, and social rehabilitation sessions.

What are the benefits of old folks' homes?

There are many benefits when it comes to moving your elderly loved one into an assisted living home. Although it's difficult to be to think that they'd be living in this place away from you probably permanently, you can have peace of mind knowing that their well-being is in good hands.

Here are the benefits of moving into old folks' homes:

Assistance with activities of daily living

Although your loved ones can live independently, the caregiving staff will still prove them with care services. More often than not, seniors have a hard time accomplishing their day-to-day tasks due to their physical and mental deterioration. This is why assisted living caregivers help them with things such as their meals, hygiene, dressing up, and managing their medications. They can still feel independent and move around on their around but senior care is still there.

Engaging in recreational and social activities

In assisted living, seniors don't just live passively. They can maintain an active lifestyle by joining fun social and recreational activities under the programmes managed by the head of the facility. There are maintenance exercises, sessions where they can enjoy leisure time, and activities that get to connect them with other residents. It only shows that seniors won't feel as though they're locked up in a place with strangers; it's more like belonging in a new community—a new family.

Receiving therapy

Old adults may also benefit from many types of theraindepy being offered by assisted living facilities. There's occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language therapy, respiratory therapy, among others. These are all aimed at giving health and wellness opportunities to its senior residents. This way, if they are struggling with anything related to the aforementioned therapies, their stay at the assisted living will help resolve them for the better.

Location and accessibility

Most assisted living homes, like Red Crowns Senior Living, are located in many nearby areas. This means that you can easily have access to your loved ones whenever you'd like to visit them. They are also near to other places that they'd want to go to like churches, malls, parks, hospitals, and others. Assisted living homes also provide them with transport so you won't have to worry about how they travel from here to there.

Provision of medical and healthcare

Some only offer housing and housekeeping services but many assisted living facilities also provide medical care for their residents. Seniors have a higher risk of experiencing or developing health issues so most of them need to have proper health maintenance. For instance, Red Crowns have nurses within the community or are on call 24 hours a day to address the health and medical concerns of its residents.

Integrated care

Assisted living is very focused and center-based when it comes to providing care services. Living here, seniors will receive the right amount of care and support that they need growing old. Nursing services are always available 24/7 and they get to live in a community that will certainly better their way of life without neglect or abuse.

What is elderly day care?

Elderly day care centres, unlike old folks' homes, are more of providing care services for your ageing loved ones for a full day. It is a professional care setting where senior care services are made available for seniors who require personal care and also for those who feel lonely. These are also not similar to a nursing home because they don't necessarily have a clinical setting. The day care programme also features a home-like setting where seniors can relax and feel comfortable.

There are different types of day care centres, depending on the needs of the senior:

Dementia day care

Dementia day care provides full-day centre-based care for people with memory impairment. These are pertaining to people with Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, among many others.

Respite care

Respite care is for seniors who only need short-term care or whose caregiver needs a break. Protecting the well-being of the caregiver is also important so that they can care for the elderly better.

Day hospice care

Day hospice care focuses on quality of life for care recipients who are experiencing terminal illnesses. This also involves tending to the emotional and spiritual needs of the elderly to ease their pain and suffering.

Day rehabilitation

Day rehabilitation is a programme dedicated to seniors with physical disabilities.

Benefits of elderly day care

Just like assisted living, elderly day care also provides many benefits related to senior care. Although it's only short-term or full-day care compared to long-term ones like assisted living, it's still able to tap a lot of elements needed by people as they go through the aging process.

Safe and secure environment

Day care services include the safety and security of your loved one. Seniors can spend their time doing activities without you having to worry about them getting lost or injured. Constant supervision is being done.

Maintenance exercises

Here, seniors are encouraged to engage in general physical exercises to strengthen their bodies and reduce the risk of falling.

Meaningful social interaction

Seniors are encouraged to interact and connect with their peers to have a sense of belongingness and to hinder their cognitive abilities from declining.

Fun and educational activities

You can also enjoy recreational and learning activities in an adult day care centre. These are activities that will help your loved one enjoy his or her personal leisure time while being cared for by a caregiver. These can also help boost their self-esteem.

Provides essential needs

Essential needs such as meals and medical care will also be provided by the elderly day care centre.

Those who aren't comfortable with staying in a senior care centre, can receive personal care from the confinement of their homes. This is why home day care is also an option. Here, you can just hire professional caregivers from an agency to care for your elderly loved one for a full day every day.

Which is the better senior care centre, old folks' home or elderly day care?

Both the old folks' home and senior day care programme are good choices when it comes to providing personal care services. They both are very much capable of satisfying the needs of seniors through quality accommodation, enjoyable social activities, and skilled caregiving staff. Thanks to these care options, you can guarantee the safety and well-being of your elderly loved ones even if you are incapable of caring for them yourself.

When it comes to long-term residential care, old folks' home proves to be a better competitor. The services are being provided every day for as long as they need. However, elderly day care services are better short-term nursing care for seniors. This means you, being the family member or someone close to the patient, can still care for them but if you ever need a break, there are day care services you can entrust them into. Regardless of their differences, both types of senior care services are equally important in addressing the care needs of our elderly loved ones. Both have a wide range of sessions that can help our loved ones maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you are looking for trusted and reliable care for seniors, you can contact Red Crowns Senior Living. They are considered to be the best senior group home in Singapore that provides a high-quality home-like residential setting and skilled caregivers to give care and support to your loved ones.

Redcrowns aims to help you live your senior years happily.
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Understanding old folks' homeWhat is elderly day care?Which is the better senior care centre, old folks' home or elderly day care?

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