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Let’s turn your unused properties into extensions of senior living care homes and facilities. Join our vibrant community in providing the best care for our beloved seniors.
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Here at Red Crowns, we prioritize giving the best living accommodations and personal care to our senior residents. Given that aging is not an easy process, we understand the need for the elderly to live a happy, fulfilling, and comfortable life. With that said, we want to partner up with property owners who are looking for ways to make use of their respective properties and earn a stable income from them. One great way to do this is to become Property Partners with us!

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About the Property Partners

Our goal is to provide more spaces for seniors to grow and expand their horizons, even in their golden years. We do this by partnering up with people who own properties that they do not use or wish to earn an income out of it. It’s a great give-and-take situation wherein property owners can benefit from letting us use their properties for the expansion of our senior living care facilities while providing a better life for seniors at the same time. As much as possible, we want to make use of every resource that we have to allow the elderly residents to live a healthy, active, and happy life.
Why be a Property Partner?
Putting your unused property to good use
Imagine owning a property and putting it to good use where many people can benefit from it! Property is no easy investment and you most probably shed a lot of your savings to acquire it. To make it worth it, you can entrust it to us and make the best out of it without having to worry about it.
Helping the senior living community
This is a chance for you to lend a helping hand to the senior community, especially those who are receiving nursing care and assisted living services from facilities like us. With the growing number of seniors who are placed into care homes, we must also increase the resources that we have to tend to their needs. Lending your property opens doors to more venues for our residents’ activities.
Gain financial income through a secure process
Becoming our Property Partner is a worthy investment on both sides. We will be investing in your property to utilize it for our elderly residential care and services. This, in turn, puts your property to good use plus you will be earning a significant profit from it. Furthermore, maintain a smooth and secure process to ensure the trust and best interest of our partners. There’s no room for complexity.

How can I become a Property Partner?

The process of becoming a Property Partner involves three simple steps to consider:

1. You must own a property

To become a Property Partner, you must of course own a property. You must invest in a property by taking into account the following factors: valuation, location, and purpose. Buying or acquiring a property isn’t as simple as purchasing an item from the mall; this is something that can be very valuable to you for years to come. This is why you must choose the one that checks all of the boxes on the list. For instance, Red Crowns considers properties that are accessible or in a good location.

2. Entrust your property

As partners, the goal is for you to lend us the property in exchange for valuable income. You will be providing all the necessary documents such as titles and others in the process of turning over your property. We will also be indicating our plans and projects concerning your property. Rest assured that everything is done smoothly and securely and we always put the best interest of our property partners first.

3. Track your investment

Transparency is one of the key factors to a successful partnership. Here, we do not treat our partners as someone from whom we are “renting” the property but instead as a real partner in the business. We enable our partners to monitor their investments by updating them with the projects and activities being done on their property. This way, you can keep track of how we are utilizing your estate for our senior residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the commonly asked questions about Property Partnerships:
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Is becoming a Property Partner a good investment?

Becoming a Property Partner of a senior care residential facility like ours is indeed a worthy investment. We come to a mutually beneficial partnership wherein we make use of your property to provide more venues for our senior residents’ living and daily activities. This will provide you with a significant financial income for a property that you don’t even use while at the same time allowing us to level up the care and services for our elderly.

What will Red Crowns do with my property?

Red Crowns Senior Living will assess your property and utilize it as space for our senior residents to expand their venues for activities and access to care. Simply to say, we will be investing in your property to allow seniors under our care to have more housing and activity areas.

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