Senior Living Facilities and Amenities

Red Crowns is dedicated to delivering outstanding senior care at our facilities. Within our assisted living facility, we provide everything your seniors would demand to live a day in comfort and peace.
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Medication Assistance

Reminders to take medications as advised by specialists on a regular schedule are among the medical services we offer in our senior living home. For your convenience, medication data are always maintained on file in our assisted living communities.

Medication Setup

In our senior living community, the nurse sets up a medication box weekly, according to medical recommendations by the primary care physicians, to ensure that all prescriptions are taken correctly and on time.

24 Hour Care and Security

Our professional caregivers work around the clock to just provide 24/7 medical care and protection to your ageing loved ones. We make sure to have placed safety equipment to lessen the risk of falls and accidents.

Laundry and Housekeeping

Change of bed sheets, housekeeping, and laundry are all handled as part of the human services in our nursing home. Residents can also delegate the appliance's repair work to our staff.

Assistance with Hygiene and
Personal Care

Personal care services are a fundamental component of ageing that necessitates proper attention and skilled nursing care. With respect and compassion, we take care of your elderly loved ones' activities of daily living (ADLs), including showering, going to the toilet, and changing needs.

5 Nutritious Meals Daily

Becoming healthy is one thing; being delectable is quite another. Such that mealtime is one of the pleasures of each day at the senior living centre, and we harmonise your loved ones' interests with our dietitians' suggestions.

All Day Snacks and Beverages

Senior living communities can meet the nutritional needs of their residents by providing restaurant snacks and meals all through the day. These snacks are carefully crafted to be rich in nutritional benefits.

Memory Enhancing Activities

The senior residents can strengthen cognitive function and retention by developing skills, enjoying an activity that requires hand-eye coordination, completing simple math in their minds, and much more in our facilities.

Daily Social Activities and Hobbies

Seniors who remain socially active in the community have more excellent cognitive performance and are less likely to develop dementia. In our care, not only that they can enjoy stimulating activities, but they can also engage with peers within the community.

Mobility Assistance

It is critical to assist your ageing loved ones in moving around with ease and flexibility to improve their living and become even more proactive. They will better enhance their mobility issues with the activities that they can participate in our continuing care retirement communities.

Pet Care

We would rather not see your elderly relatives give up their cherished pets at our facilities. The expense of care will not be covered, but residents will be able to provide care for their pets as long as they are healthy enough to do so.

No Restriction on Visiting Hours

Close relatives may visit without limitation, but as the pandemic progresses, various adjustments may be made in response to Ministry of Health guidelines. We want the residents in our nursing homes to be able to spend time with their families and friends since it is beneficial to their health.

Assistance with Errands and

Our caregivers and medical escorts can organise a scheduled day out and transport to take your ageing loved ones to doctor's appointments, shopping, the salon, cinema, church, and meeting friends and relatives.

Exercise Assistance

Physical activity is essential for slowing the ageing process and improving overall health. Exercising with a community of individuals is more entertaining. Our services allow your senior loved ones to look forward to yoga, meditation, and mild aerobics.

Technology Assistance and Training

Our staff are assisting and teaching your family members to become accustomed to gadgets and equipment vital for their ageing needs and be more comfortable with numerous applications that they can use for leisure.

Personal Solutions

As your elders move to our facility, our medical professionals will assess their present condition and health history to provide them with tailored solutions to their specific needs. They'll also discuss interests and daily routines and prepare a treatment plan for the elderly.

Guest Suites

Close relatives or visitors who choose to stay in for an overnight stay can reserve a guest suite. The length of stay is determined by daily expense and bed availability.

Our Accommodation Types

Red Crowns focuses on providing exceptional senior care and healthcare treatments inside our compassionate and nurturing homes. We ensure that our comprehensive amenities and expert service include all your ageing loved ones who may want to spend each day in comfort.

Assisted Living

Our assisted living facilities focus on creating a caring environment for the elderly who demand help with everyday responsibilities. For them all to grow and prosper, we stimulate entertaining interaction as well as necessities.
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Independent Living

Our independent living programs have been designed for seniors who may not have severe health complications and require extra assistance with daily chores. To improve your senior years, take advantage of transportation support, personal grooming assistance, nutritious meals, and 24-hour supervision.
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Memory Care

Our memory care systems provide thorough therapies, expert care from skilled medical teams, and planned activities to help people living with dementia cease the advancement of their condition.
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