Seniors' Mobility and Enabling Fund: Enhancing Quality of Life for the Elderly

In Singapore, financial assistance for elderly care was made available to help seniors stay independent and mobile. The program is called the Seniors Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF), which aims to improve the quality of life of frail seniors. It aims to improve seniors' quality of life by offering financial support for purchasing home modifications, home healthcare services, and assistive gadgets.

Let's learn more about this senior mobility and enabling fund, how can an elderly person benefit from the program, and the assistive devices under SMF.

Seniors Mobility and Enabling Fund - what is it all about?

The Seniors Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF) focuses on the following key areas:

  • Home healthcare services

  • Home modifications of frail seniors

  • Mobility aids and assistive technology devices

An elderly person in need of assistive devices can avail of an assistive technology fund to buy the mobility aid they require. They include any motorised device, manual wheelchair, walking sticks, or mobility scooters. The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) oversees the Seniors Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF), which is open to any eligible Singapore citizen and permanent residents 60 years of age and older.

The SMF also pays for the cost of in-home healthcare services, such as nursing, therapy, and medical care. Additionally, qualifying seniors can get financial aid for home modifications like home healthcare items, grab bars, ramps, or stairlifts to make their living space safer and more accessible. For an easy accessible guide on SMF, seniors can visit their neighbourhood Community Development Council (CDC) or Social Service Office (SSO).

After an elderly person has successfully submitted an application for the SMF, a qualified assessor will evaluate the documents. The evaluation will determine the customised and specialised devices that will improve seniors' mobility. It will also set the maximum device subsidy cap of the assistive technology fund.

What will Seniors Gain from the Seniors Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF)?

Eligible seniors, Singapore citizens, and permanent residents who qualify in the age and other requirements of the SMF can expect the following benefits:

Government-funded home care and financial assistance

The Seniors Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF) offers financial assistance to elders who need home renovations, assistive devices, in-house healthcare services, and mobility support. This support increases access to basic services, healthcare items, pressure relief cushions, hearing aids, milk supplements, hospital beds, adult diapers, and special equipment by easing the financial strain on elders and their families.

Support seniors' independent living and better mobility

The SMF helps seniors retain or regain their mobility by covering the cost of mobility aids and motorised devices, increasing their independence and general quality of life. Seniors can walk around more confidently and easily, enabling them to participate in various activities and social interactions.

Accessible home healthcare services and home healthcare items

The Seniors Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF) pays for home healthcare services like therapy, nursing care, and medical care, allowing seniors to receive the attention they need in the comfort of their own homes. The SMF subsidies encourage independent living and lessen the need for turning into a nursing home or senior care centre while decreasing the instances of institutionalisation or hospitalisation.

Safer living environment and integrated care

The Seniors Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF) assists senior citizens who want to make their houses safer. This makes integrated care possible by installing specialised devices and having access to assistive devices to ensure their safety while at home.

Holistic support

The SMF subsidies aim to offer seniors comprehensive care and assistance. It provides a variety of possibilities for support suited to individual needs, taking into account the diverse demands of people. This all-encompassing strategy improves seniors' general well-being and helps them age gracefully.

Seniors Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF) - how can it help?

There are three factors wherein the Seniors Mobility and Enabling Fund can assist eligible seniors:

Assistive devices subsidy

In order to improve the mobility and independence of seniors, SMF has a range of assistive devices covered. Eligible seniors must submit financial assistance documents to get financial assistance to purchase various mobility and assistive devices.

These devices include hearing aids, mobility scooters, walking aids, walking sticks, wheelchairs, and more. The subsidy helps seniors by making these gadgets more affordable and accessible. Seniors can actively participate in everyday activities, maintain social relationships, and live healthier lives using assistive technology devices.

Home healthcare items

By offering financial assistance for home healthcare items, the Seniors Mobility and Enabling Fund makes it easier for seniors to improve their quality of life. These home healthcare items include medical supplies for seniors with chronic diseases or special medical needs, such as oxygen concentrators, nebulisers, and blood pressure monitors. They can also request hearing aids, hospital beds, adult diapers, milk supplements, pressure relief cushions, and more.

Seniors can obtain the required care and support in the comfort of their own homes thanks to extending subsidies for availing home healthcare items. By doing so, they can better manage their health issues, reduce hospital trips, and feel more secure and comfortable.

Transportation services

Getting around can be very difficult for elders, especially those with mobility problems or other limitations. This is acknowledged by the SMF, which offers financial support for specialised transportation services.

The fund can help seniors who need specific transportation, such as wheelchair-accessible automobiles or transportation just for doctor's appointments. The subsidy guarantees that elders may access the necessary healthcare services, social activities, and community engagements while easing transportation expenditures' financial strain.

Seniors with access to dependable and convenient transportation options can keep their independence, stay involved in their communities, and lead more active lives.

Checking Eligibility for the Seniors Mobility and Enabling Fund

Here are the general eligibility guidelines for the program:

  • Age: You must be 60 years old and above and a Singapore citizen or permanent resident.

  • Financial eligibility: Households with a monthly per capita income of $2,000 or less, or with no income but a property with an annual value of $13,000 or less. The amount of the fund's subsidy is based on variables like household size, total monthly household income, and assets.

  • Functional limitations: Applicants should have specific impairments that impact their mobility or ability to perform daily activities without assistance.

How can one apply for the SMF?

For seniors in their own homes or those staying in a home for the aged in Singapore, follow these general guidelines in submitting your application for the Seniors Mobility and Enabling Fund:

  • Prepare the documents

Ensure you have all the information and documents needed to proceed with the application. These include identification papers, income statements, household details, and any other supporting documents which can prove your eligibility.

  • Contact relevant authorities

Get in touch with the authorities who are in charge of overseeing the SMF. These include social service agencies, community care organisations, and other offices that can provide direction, assistance, and detailed instructions for the application procedure.

  • Complete application form

You can get the SMF application form from the relevant authorities. Add any pertinent information or documentation to back up your application.

  • Submit your application

Send your application to the authorised authorities when you've completed the application form and acquired all the required paperwork. To ensure a smooth application process, abide by the guidelines given by the authorities.

  • Assessment of your application

Your application will undergo an assessment by authorised assessors. To calculate the amount of the subsidy or support you could be eligible for, they will analyse the information you have submitted, including the financial qualifying requirements.

  • Notification of the results

You will get notified of the results of your application following the evaluation. If accepted, you will be informed of the support or subsidy amount you are entitled to and any additional guidelines or instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions about the SMF

What is SMF?

SMF is a program by the Singapore government to improve the quality of life for seniors by offering financial support for home renovations, healthcare services, and mobility support. It is open to SG citizens or permanent residents aged 60 and above.

How can the SMF assist senior citizens?

The SMF offers a variety of services to help the elderly. It offers financial assistance for purchasing mobility devices like wheelchairs, walking aids, and scooters, enhancing the mobility and independence of seniors in nursing homes.

The fund also pays for the price of in-home healthcare services, such as nursing, therapy, and medical care, allowing seniors to get required care in their own homes. The SMF also supports home improvements that make it safer and easier for seniors to live in their homes.

What qualifications must one meet to be eligible for the SMF?

Age requirements and financial factors are included in the SMF's eligibility requirements. The requirements for financial eligibility differ according to household size, assets, and per capita household income.

How do seniors submit an SMF application?

Seniors can submit an application for the SMF by getting in touch with the local Social Service Office (SSO) or Community Development Council (CDC). These organisations will assist applicants with the application process, which usually entails identifying the applicant's needs and deciding what kind of support is needed.

What does the term "means-test" refer to, and what specific types of means-testing are required?

The means test is a tool utilized for determining the level of subsidy that each applicant is eligible for. The purpose of this policy is to give priority to individuals from lower-income families when distributing subsidies and aid.

Follow these steps to undergo a means test:

  1. Complete the Means-Test Declaration Form.

  2. Ensure that the primary applicant and all household members aged 21 and older have signed the form and consented to means testing. Alternatively, the applicant should have a parent or legal guardian sign a consent/declaration on behalf of applicants younger than 21 years old.

  3. Include photocopies of the front and rear of the NRIC/FIN for the principal applicant and all household members.

  4. Send the completed application and all other supporting documentation to the Harbourfront Centre Post Office, P.O. Box 074, Singapore 910932.

What is the amount of the subsidy that will be granted to each approved applicant?

Seniors who qualify can receive a subsidy of up to 90% of the cost of the mobility aid or 90% of the maximum device subsidy limit, whichever is lesser.

Is it possible for older citizens and people with disabilities to submit applications for SMF and ATF subsidies simultaneously beginning on February 14, 2022?

As a result of policy changes implemented on February 14, 2022, applicants will now be served by only one scheme for a lifetime.

Getting Financial Assistance Made Easy

Navigating the nuances of financial aid programs can sometimes become challenging, especially for the elderly. This is why the SMF was designed to simplify the procedure and make it accessible to senior citizens. It should be noted that the Seniors Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF) offers seniors important financial support to improve their quality of life. The MOH notice on SMF further sheds light on the aspects of the SMF program which are valuable for both the care provider and the one receiving support.

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