Caring for Seniors like Family at Red Crowns: Juu Lay’s Story

“Let me stand beside you.”

At Red Crowns, we're proud to have Juulay as part of our dedicated team of caregivers, providing 24/7 care to the cherished residents of our homes. Prior experience as a medical worker equips Juu Lay with a deep empathy and concern for her residents. She goes above and beyond in her duties, attending to seniors’ safety and wellbeing like they are her own grandparents.

Juu Lay embodies our ethos of dignity, compassion, and community, ensuring it touches every aspect of life at Red Crowns. We are keen to support her drive for growth by ensuring she has opportunities for career progression, so that she can better support her family back home, while she cares for yours. 

Hear from Juu Lay on how she helps our residents live their most engaged lives.

Redcrowns aims to help you live your senior years happily.
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Date Published
June 26, 2024
Charlene Winfred