Compassionate Care for Mum's Dementia: Jacqueline and Wai Meng's Experience with Red Crowns

Jacqueline and Wai Meng’s mum has advanced dementia, and they were looking for a place that would give her the 24/7, personalised care that she needed, that was also committed to her happiness and quality of life. They found it at Red Crowns. 

Aunty Chue is much more than a resident here: she’s part of a family of housemates and live-in caregivers, in an environment that feels familiar and safe, like home. With more than 20% of our residents needing memory care, we’re moving to close the gap with specialised care for dementia patients. Exercise, nutrition, activities and outings are tailored for each of our residents to enhance their lives, enabling them to grasp the potential for joy and fulfilment. And Jacqueline and Wai Meng are also assured, with daily updates and open communication, that their mum is being looked after by a team of professionals who are dedicated to seeing her thrive.

Redcrowns aims to help you live your senior years happily.
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Date Published
June 26, 2024
Charlene Winfred