Uncle Eric and Aunty Irene: Inspiring Lives at Red Crowns

At Red Crowns, residents come from all walks of life. Aunty Irene and Uncle Eric, two of our incredible residents, are both independent go-getters with unmatched zest for living.

Uncle Eric, a former swim coach, diver, and all-round ocean enthusiast, remains undaunted by the health issues currently keeping him from the sea. His spirit and passion for life inspires his roommates, caregivers, friends and family. At 88, Aunty Irene is a vibrant woman always on the move. Whether she’s walking, exploring the city, or dancing, she embodies the vitality and enthusiasm we cherish at Red Crowns.

Both Uncle Eric and Aunty Irene perfectly illustrate our mission at Red Crowns: to provide the necessary support for our residents' individual needs, enabling them to live with dignity, vitality, and make the most of their lives. 

Redcrowns aims to help you live your senior years happily.
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Date Published
June 26, 2024
Charlene Winfred