Ultimate Guide to Elderly Transport Services in Singapore

As Singapore's population ages, the need for reliable and accessible transport services for the elderly has grown significantly. For elderly individuals, especially those with mobility issues, attending medical appointments, rehabilitation sessions, and social activities can be challenging without adequate transportation options. Thankfully, there are various transport services designed specifically to cater to the needs of older adults, ensuring they receive the necessary care and support.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different types of transport services available for the elderly in Singapore and help you find the best transportation solutions to ensure your elderly loved ones can travel safely and comfortably.

For Bed-Bound Patients

Specialist outpatient clinics often collaborate with transport service providers to offer door-to-door service for elderly patients. These integrated care solutions ensure that older adults receive timely medical attention and support. Private transport services offer a range of options for elderly passengers, including maxi cabs and dial-a-ride services. Transporting bed-bound patients requires specialized services equipped with the necessary medical equipment and trained personnel to ensure safe transfers.

Private Ambulance Service

Private ambulance services in Singapore provide specialized transport for bed-bound patients and those with severe medical conditions. These services ensure that elderly passengers receive personal attention and safe transfers to their destinations.

Medilink Healthcare Group

Medilink Healthcare Group offers comprehensive ambulance services for elderly patients. They are equipped with the latest medical technology to ensure a comfortable ride for bed-bound patients.
  • HQ: +65 6909 3202
  • Ambulance: +65 6909 3203


Speedoc provides private ambulance services that can be booked via their app, making it convenient for families to arrange transport for their elderly loved ones.
  • Ambulance: +65 6909 7799
  • Google Play: Speedoc App

Ambulance Service

Another reliable option is the general Ambulance Service, which offers well-equipped vehicles and trained staff to handle medical emergencies and transport needs.
  • Ambulance: +65 6281 8111 / +65 6206 1188

Hope Ambulance

Hope Ambulance provides both road and air ambulance services, catering to local and international transport needs for elderly patients.
  • Road Ambulance: +65 6100 1911
  • Air Ambulance / International Assistance: +65 6100 2922

Raffles Medical Group

Raffles Medical Group offers a range of medical transport services, including ambulance services that can be booked through their Raffles Connect app.
  • Ambulance: +65 6311 1555
  • Google Play/Apple Store: Raffles Connect

For Wheel-chair Users

Navigating Singapore's bustling cityscape can be challenging for elderly individuals with limited mobility, especially those relying on wheelchairs. Fortunately, there are wheelchair-accessible vehicles designed to cater to their needs, ensuring they can travel safely and comfortably to various destinations.

Wheel-Chair Accessible Taxi (WAT)

Wheel-chair Accessible Taxis (WAT) provide essential transportation options for wheelchair-bound patients who require convenient and accessible travel solutions. These taxis are equipped with hydraulic lifts and ample space to accommodate wheelchairs, ensuring a barrier-free experience for passengers with physical disabilities.


GrabAssist offers a reliable alternative for wheelchair-friendly transport service in Singapore. Through the Grab app, elderly passengers can book rides with trained drivers who are equipped to assist with boarding and disembarking, providing personalized support throughout the journey.

Maxi Cab - Call (+65) 8333 6006

Maxi Cabs are another excellent choice for elderly passengers, offering spacious vehicles with wheelchair accessibility. With a seating capacity that comfortably accommodates wheelchairs and caregivers, Maxi Cabs ensures safe and comfortable transportation for your medical appointment, airport transfer, and a visit to day activity centres.

Public Transportation

Public transport in Singapore provides essential mobility options for elderly individuals, offering various services to accommodate their needs.


Singapore's MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system is wheelchair accessible, with designated spaces for wheelchairs on each train. Stations are equipped with barrier-free facilities such as ramps and elevators to assist passengers with limited mobility.


SBS Transit and SMRT operate wheelchair-friendly buses equipped with ramps and low-floor designs for easy boarding. These buses also feature priority seating for elderly passengers and those with disabilities.


Regular taxis in Singapore may not always be accessible for wheelchair users, but the Wheel-chair Accessible Taxis (WAT) provide specialized transport options. These taxis are equipped with ramps and spacious interiors to accommodate wheelchairs safely.

Service Animals

Service animals, such as guide dogs, play a vital role in assisting visually impaired or disabled individuals. In Singapore, these animals are allowed on public transport and in public places, providing companionship and support to their owners.

Pedestrian Facilities and Buildings

Singapore's urban planning includes pedestrian facilities and buildings designed with accessibility in mind. Sidewalks are equipped with ramps and tactile paving for the visually impaired, while buildings adhere to safety standards to ensure ease of access for elderly individuals and those with mobility challenges.

Medical Escort Transport Services

Medical escort transport services are vital for elderly individuals who need assistance during their travels. These services provide trained care aides to accompany patients, ensuring they receive the necessary support throughout the journey. The Land Transport Authority is also committed to an all-inclusive public transport system to ensure that all commuters, including the elderly, travel more independently.

Medical Escorts

Medical escorts often include nurses or trained personnel who assist elderly passengers, ensuring they arrive at their medical appointments and treatments safely and comfortably. One highly recommended provider of such services is RC Caregivers, known for their professional and compassionate care.


In Singapore, the ageing population has led to an increased demand for specialized transport services for the elderly. Whether it’s for medical appointments, rehabilitation sessions, or social activities, there are numerous transportation options available to cater to the needs of older adults. From private ambulances and wheelchair-friendly vehicles to medical escort services and public transport, these services ensure that elderly individuals can travel safely and comfortably, receiving the personal care and attention they deserve. Choosing the right transport service is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of your elderly loved ones. By understanding the various options available and selecting the most suitable service, you can provide the support and care necessary for their daily transportation needs. Additionally, considering options such as an old age home is also important, as these facilities often provide comprehensive aid and specialized dementia care and can coordinate with transport services for medical appointments and other outings. With the right combination of transport and care services, you can enhance the quality of life for elderly individuals, ensuring they remain connected, healthy, and well-supported.

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