HDB's Wheelchair Lifter Pilot Scheme For Senior Flats Plus Key Details on Wheelchair Ramps

Early upon the Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) program's operation, only apartments with a single step at the main door were qualified for funding for ramps installed at the entryway. In turn, senior folks staying in these flats will be capable of going into and leaving their flats more conveniently and safely thanks to this.

While the structural organization gave people more secure and private space, especially those who were located along the main corridor space, it might additionally make it harder for elderly individuals to move around as they grow older or lose mobility.

Wheelchair Lifter — What It Is?

To help people with mobility challenges, HDB collaborated with the industry sector to construct a wheelchair lifter that can be used in HDB properties. When the senior patients move around their apartments, this can be helpful, for generally ground level flats. 

If it's entirely feasible, there should be a wheelchair lifter at a building with a main entrance that has multiple steps. If the ramp solutions provided by EASE may not be implemented owing to site restrictions, HDB will provide the wheelchair lifter for such flats, even with a customised fixed ramp with multiple-step entries. 

Cost and Maintenance Subsidies

Although such a wheelchair lifter is often projected to cost $3,920, Singaporean families will only have to pay $1,960, irrespective of the kind of flat, due to government subsidies. To keep your seniors safe, the wheelchair lifter must also undergo routine maintenance. So, it is also necessary that residences hire a contractor to perform routine maintenance and repair twice per year.

Generally, the warranty period offered by the contractor who performed the installation work does, however, cover the initial year of servicing. However, a  maintenance servicing charge of roughly $80 annually is required starting in the following year.

Moreover, any applicable Goods and Services Tax will be added to the amount due. Just before wheelchair lifters can all be installed, apartment owners might additionally be obligated to pay for the replacement or modification of the metal gate. Before actually completing the installation, the professional contractor will evaluate the state of the site and provide recommendations.


If the ramp solution your household requested through EASE, Direct Application, is not appropriate for your apartment, HDB will notify you through a letter more about the wheelchair lifter.

The wheelchair lifter won't likely be placed right away, perhaps within a month of the pre-condition assessment, because it requires modification to fit your demands and the location's constraints.

FAQ — 8 Pointers You Need to Know on Wheelchair Lifter Scheme

Why Does the Wheelchair Lifter Provided by Using a Separate Pilot Program Instead of the EASE Program?

To create a compact mechanical wheelchair lifter that is small, light, and appropriate for usage in HDB flats, they primarily collaborated with the industry. Generally, the wheelchair lifter is more expensive than other ramp options and needs constant maintenance. As the customised ramps can't be implemented due to site limitations, HDB is independently testing the wheelchair lifter and will only sell it in those situations.

Before evaluating whether or not it should be incorporated into the EASE program, HDB will gather input from residents regarding the design and assess their level of support for the solution.

What Payment Terms Apply to the Wheelchair Lifter?

The unit owners will settle their portion of the agreed-upon contractors straight after the customized fixed ramp is finished,  or until the metals gates or get the ramps fixed, in cash.

Who Handles Wheelchair Lifter Maintenance?

The wheelchair lifter must be serviced and maintained by the unit owners for it to be in good working order. Owners should frequently schedule maintenance on the wheelchair lifter with their contractor.

How Soon After Applying Will a Wheelchair Lifter Be Employed?

It may take around 7 weeks from the moment a successful application is received until work is started since it needs time to be customized or explore alternative solutions just before the wheelchair lifter fits the unit design or corridor units.

How Long Will the Pilot Program for Wheelchair Lifters Last under HDB?

Before deciding when to cease the pilot, regular assessments will be done to gauge residents' feedback and responsiveness.

How Often Is the Servicing Needed?

It is also advised that apartment owners hire their contractors to service the wheelchair lifters every 2 years. 

Does My Metal Gate Need to Be Modified?

The metal gate may need to be modified, based on the site conditions, corner units, or the available corridor space. 

Who Is Going to Modify the Metal Gate, and Cover the Cost?

The flat owner may choose the upgraded door or gate as one of the HIP optional components if the apartment is undergoing HIP. For apartments not undergoing HIP, the ramps or wheelchair lifter subcontractor will alter the metal gate, and the portable ramp costs or customised fixed ramp costs will be entirely covered by the unit owner.

Wheelchair Ramp For HDB Flat

Ramps are a cheap solution for a senior care centre to make HDB spaces, like those of Red Crowns more accessible to those with wheelchairs. These ramps are extremely helpful, particularly if you have an elderly relative who is wheelchair-bound at home or in senior housing programs. Typically, 5 ramps can be constructed either inside the homes or outside the main door.

The three types of ramps available for installation are as follows:

  1. Single-Step Ramp

  2. Portable Ramp (For Multi-Step Main Entrance)

  3. Customized Ramp (For Multi-Step Main Entrance)

Customised Ramp and Portable Ramp Provided Through EASE

For residents' convenience in moving into and out of their apartments, HDB work on improving its full EASE package on wheelchair ramps by adding two new home improvement programmes. Most HDB flats with multi step entrances can use these current innovations, a portable ramp, and a customized ramp.

Portable Ramp

These ramps can be disassembled when not being used and are suited for flats, particularly corner units, that have enough room to accommodate the unit's entrance.

Customized Ramp

These ramps are built in line with the sufficient space of the entryway and space design of the unit, as per location limits. Also, the apartments anywhere along the corridor can use these customized ramps.

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